Top 7 Best Budget Monitors for Graphic Design in 2023

Selecting the best budget monitors for graphic design lays the foundation for a successful project. If you have limited knowledge about such monitors, selecting the apt product might seem like a never-ending task. But the reality isn’t as complicated as it seems to be for many users.

Best Budget Monitors for Graphic Design

It will help if you consider specific aspects of the devices available in the market. Right from brand to warranty services, the resolution to design requires your special attention to every facet of these monitors.

You need to pen down the requirements briefly and correlate these features accordingly. The one that satisfies the job requirements perfectly is your top choice for your project.

Top 7 Best Budget Monitors for Graphic Design in 2023

The article given below has expert reviews of the top seven best budget monitors for graphic design available in the market. Some of them are available in an affordable price range, while some might be on the costlier side. So, compare and research these appropriately before investing in any of them for your maximum benefits.

1. ViewSonic VP2468 Professional Monitor – ViewSonic 24 Inch Monitor

One of the best computer monitors for work is the ViewSonic VP2468 Professional 24 inch 1080p Monitor 100% sRGB Rec 709 14-bit 3D LUT Color Calibration for Photography and Graphic Design, Black.

The product is moderately priced and ideally made for designers and photographers. It uses the In-Plane Switching panel technology to distribute accurate colors and good grayscale performance without even drawing a lot of power.

ViewSonic VP2468 24-Inch Premium IPS Monitor

Key Features:

  • 60Hz Super clear IPS monitor 
  • Frameless digital canvas
  • Provide ultimate color accuracy
  • Excellent flexible connectivity with all other devices

It comes with a nice selection of I/O ports, including a USB hub and a DisplayPort output. It is ideal for usage in a multi-display configuration as it is equipped with a wholly adjustable ergonomic stand. It also offers advanced color settings. The monitor comes with a bezel-free cabinet, which makes it an ideal choice for multi-monitor arrangements.

The black cabinet’s presence is enhanced by a black and silver stand that offers an excellent tilt of 26 degrees, 120 degrees of swivel, and 5.1 inches of height flexibility. It helps the user to rotate the panel by 90 degrees for portrait-mode viewing.

One can also remove the monitor’s stand and use the four VESA mounting holes to hand it as per convenience.

The 1920×1080 panel’s presence comes with a non-reflective coating with a peak brightness of 250 cd/m2 and a 1,000:1 native contrast ratio. This monitor has a 16:9 aspect ratio along with a 5-millisecond pixel response.

All the VP2468’s I/O ports are situated at the rear end of the cabinet, including two HDMI inputs. It offers advanced color settings along with saturation and GGBCMY hue settings.

The product is available with a three-year warranty period on manufacturing parts like backlight, etc. The device comes with an easy manual to interpret, which makes it ideal for use.

It offers you very accurate colors and smooth performance without any interruption. It also offers excellent wide viewing angles with no perceptible color shifting or loss of luminance from any possible angles.     

2. BenQ BL2420PT 24 inch QHD 1440p IPS Monitor – BenQ 24 inch Monitor

Another one on the best budget monitors for graphic design is BenQ BL2420PT 24 inch QHD 1440p IPS Monitor. In case you are an active gamer, you need the presence of high-quality graphics along with speed. In this monitor’s case, you get the subtle blend of both to ace up your video games in no time.

BenQ BL2420PT 24 inch QHD 1440p IPS Monitor

Key Features:

  • It is a 23.8 inches, 2560×1440 2K/QHD resolution monitor with IPS technology
  • 100% RGB and Rec. 709 color space available that helps in enabling precise photo-editing features
  • Presence of tailor-made CAM/CAD along with animation mode, which is ideal for 3D drawings, industrial designs, animation works, graphic art design
  • Presence of adjustable height ergonomic stand
  • Presence of low blue light mode with Flicker-free technology to save your eyes from straining

BenQ monitor comes with 2560 x 1440 pixels resolution and weighs around 15.43 lbs. Such a low weight helps you to carry the monitor to concerts and other events without any hesitation. Compact and elegant design helps the user save around 77% of the working space than other devices.

The device offers excellent compatibility with the different variations of Windows OS. One can differentiate between the complicated objects’ wide frames and alter them as per your convenience. The presence of the animation mode helps the little details to fine-tune your creativity correctly.

Along with this, the presence of the Rec 709 color space helps one to produce precision. The presence of QHD resolution and advanced IPS technology can exceed your expectations for visual, richness, and contract rates.

3. Dell UltraSharp U2715H 27-Inch Screen LED-Lit Monitor – Dell 27 Inch Monitor

The next one on the list of the best budget monitors for graphic design is Dell’s new and improved product. The Dell UltraSharp U2715H is an excellent IPS LCD monitor that offers you outstanding wide viewing angles. It also comes with a 1440p resolution that makes it ideal for productivity-oriented environments.

Dell UltraSharp U2715H 27-Inch Monitor

Key Features:

  • Decent picture quality with wide viewing angles available
  • Presence of subtle blend between uniform grays and colors
  • A higher refresh rate signifies that the monitor is ideal for gaming purposes
  • Ergonomic adjustments are available for easy movement of the monitor stand as per the height requirements
  • Presence of all inputs right at the back of the monitor

The monitor is highly functional and flexible, which is smooth and easy to use at any place. Also, the factory calibration presence provides you vivid and accurate image quality with an awesome color distribution.

The rear of the monitor looks pretty simple but extremely professional. The build quality is pretty promising, and the brand offers you an advanced level of product guarantee and suitable customer services.

The device has thin borders that provide an elegant, sleek design to the body. Also, when you place this one in a multi-screen setup, you get to enjoy a pretty small gap between the different displays.

The monitor comes with average thickness with VESA mounting feature. It comes with a below-average contrast ratio as compared to the other competitor products available in the market.

4. ViewSonic VP2458 24 inch Monitor – Best Monitor For Graphic Design

ViewSonic VP2458 Professional 24 inch 1080p Monitor is the next product on the list that exceeds the regular expectations pretty efficiently. ViewSonic is renowned for its excellent customer service in the market. The brand’s professional team takes great care of the customers and is always available to address your queries. 

ViewSonic VP2458 24 inch Monitor

Key Features:

  • Get LCD monitor, power cable, USB 3.1 Upstream Cable, and DP to DP Cable
  • Excellent speed and performance
  • Multiple connectivity options are available
  • Presence of an ultra-thin bezel design

The fact that it is a product available under a low budget without compromising with the features makes it an ideal choice as the best 27 inch monitor under 200Vivid colors, high-definition images, and superior speed are the greatest attributes of this monitor.

The presence of FullHD 1920x1080p resolution with 60 Hz SuperClear IPS makes the device deliver outstanding colors perfect for graphic designers, photographers, and other professionals.

The presence of screen-wide 100% sRGB color coverage and Delta E<2 color accuracy helps the brand deliver precise and yet lifelike images smoothly. The frameless digital canvas is equipped with a four-sided ultra-thin bezel, depicting your masterpiece. 

The presence of advanced ergonomics and the flicker-free technology with a blue light filter helps boost the user’s productivity. That is possible as it diminished the harmful effects of the rays on the eyes. So, with this one, one can work throughout the day without any eye discomfort.

The device offers excellent connectivity with all your smart gadgets. Right from your PC to the Macbook, you can connect it with all due to the presence of VGA inputs, DisplayPort, USB 3.1, and HDMI 1.4.

Along with that, you get to enjoy industry-leading warranty services for three years. The company offers US-based customer services to cater to the requirements of its clients in the market.

Therefore, this device is regarded to be a professional gadget available in the market within an affordable range. The SuperClear IPS panel technology helps you to view the screen almost from any position without any complications.

Also, the build is sturdy, and the company has used extensive raw materials to provide you a long-lasting device.

5. Dell Ultra Sharp LED-Lit Monitor 25″ Black (U2518D) – Best Monitor For Designers

One of the best monitors for developers is the new Dell Ultra Sharp LED-Lit Monitor 25″ Black (U2518D)| 2560 X 1440 at 60 Hz| IPS| Vesa Mount Compatibility. You get to discover the ultimate efficiency with a 25 inches screen available with incredibly thin bezels.

Such an aspect is ideal for multiple monitor setups. Be ready to enjoy the vivid details of the images with QHD 2560×1440 resolution, which is near twice as crisp as Full HD displays.

Dell Ultra Sharp LED-Lit Monitor

Key Features:

  • 2560×1440 resolution Full HD monitor
  • Product dimensions is 56.77 x 20.07 x 39.62 cm
  • Item weight is 3.44 Kilograms
  • The screen surface used is very light matte anti-glare

Another thing to notice about the device is that it is available with a matte coating. It is placed carefully to reduce the reflections but can reduce the vibrancy of the color and contrast. But if you are struggling with continuous headaches due to these reflections, this one will surely help you get rid of such conditions.

You also get to enjoy excellent color consistency with a wide 178°/178° viewing angle. With such aspects and advanced features, one can easily collaborate and work with such monitors.

The presence of Dell High Dynamic Range helps you project the visuals with striking depth, thereby captivating the attention and providing each job an amazing finish from time to time.

With the availability of the fully adjustable stand, ComfortView, and Dell Display Manager, you get to work on multiple projects at a time.

The presence of an expansive 25 inches screen features the InfinityEdge, which is a virtually borderless display on all four sides of the monitor. The presence of Dell HDR1 offers stunning colors and spectacular clarity on the QHD display.

6. Dell U4320Q UltraSharp 43-Inch 4K USB-C Monitor – Dell 43 Inch Monitor

Dell UltraSharp U4320Q is a massive entrant in the market with excellent functions and features to offer you. It offers high-end 4K experience, which offers some outstanding unique functionality, including the ability to display content from up to four different inputs simultaneously.

Dell U4320Q UltraSharp 43-Inch 4K USB-C Monitor

Key Features:

  • The panel type present is In-plane switching Technology
  • The aspect ratio of the gaming monitor is 16:9
  • Anti-glare treatment of the front polarizer (3H) is a hard coating
  • Presence of HDMI/DP/USB Type-C signal key support

In hardware, the 16:9 display features offer an active-matrix, LCD, thin-film transistor, and LED backlight. The presence of the wide-angle viewing angles helps the user to get a vivid image viewing experience from any position. Also, the flicker-free screen and Dell’s ComfortView technology help you keep the eye problems within control.

The monitor is available with three-year business day warranty facilities as per the rules of the company. The company offers services for manufacturing defects. The monitor features a removable pedestal along with VESA 100mm and 200mm mounting holes for advanced mounting solutions.

In the case of connectivity options, most of the ports are present on the product’s back underside. It includes two HDMI ports, a security lock slot, a USB Type-C/Display port, dual USB Type-A ports, an audio port, two DP ports, an AC power port, etc. The other two USB 3.0 downstream ports are placed on the side of the monitor.

7. EIZO CG247X-BK ColorEdge Professional Color Graphics Monitor 24.1″ Black

The last and final monitor on the list of best budget monitors for graphic design is the EIZO CG247X-BK ColorEdge Professional Color Graphics Monitor 24.1″ Black. It offers 99% coverage of the Adobe RGB color space along with true black color support. This 16:10 HDR IPS monitor is built exclusively to suit the needs of professionals who look for accurate color representation.

EIZO CG247X-BK ColorEdge Professional Color Graphics Monitor

Key Features:

  • Presence of a built-in color calibration sensor
  • It is a Full HD 1920 x 1200 resolution display monitor
  • The aspect ratio is 16:10
  • The presence of a wide gamut Led backlight with IPS panel helps you to switch the display as per needs
  • Presence of dual USB 2.0 ports for easy connectivity
  • Presence of a sturdy stand which assists in suitable adjustments

The display can reproduce 98% of the DCI-P3 standard and aspects along with Adobe RGB color support. Along with other preset features, the availability of Rec. 709, EBU, SMPTE-C, etc. helps the display to accommodate the content appropriately to be viewed on the screen.

The accurate color display features a contrast ratio of 1500:1 along with true black color, which balances the dark and the bright colors producing a more dynamic picture.

The HDMI input tends to support a video signal display rate of around 1080/24p frames-per-second (fps). The monitor is equipped with a retardation film that allows tones to retain the image depth even while viewed from any angle.

In case you work in dimly lit environments, this monitor can help you with backlit control buttons and an on-screen button guide to identifying the functions of the buttons.

The presence of 3D LUT helps in adjusting the individual colors on an RGB cubic table, which is available with the monitor. It also improves the monitor’s additive color mixtures, which is a chief key factor in the monitor’s ability to display neutral gray tones!

Final Verdict

As the article wraps up here, you come down to the dilemma of choosing the best device for your workplace. The confusion increases as you move along these seven products mentioned above, with all their highlighting features and attributes. The more the price window increases, the selection procedure gets trickier for beginners.

Hence if you want to simplify the selection procedure, you need to identify your necessities first. The more quickly you get to know your requirements, the more easily you can prepare the list of the top products and brands for your reference.

For example, you need to get yourself a basic monitor within a strict budget today. So, why not check out the detailed review of ViewSonic VP2458 Professional 24-inch 1080p Monitor with 100% sRGB Delta E<2 Color Accuracy for Home and Office? It is highly affordable, and you get to experience some of the best features here.

But if you want expert advice for the best one out of these seven products, then go and check out the review of Dell U4320Q UltraSharp 43-Inch 4K USB-C Monitor, with 3-Year Next Business Day Warranty [U4320Q], Black. The brand itself is worth your investment.

Moreover, you get access to the premium features of a high-end monitor with powerful connectivity options. Along with that, you get assured brand after-sales services for 24*7. Hence, this monitor is ideal for the top list of the best budget monitors for graphic design.

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