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10 Best Cellular Trail Camera Reviews & Comparison 2021

Can you believe a deer and a dog making a friendship without photo evidence? If you don’t believe us, you can search “KODA AND THE WHITETAIL” and see for yourself. It’s an amazing photo story that shows us the intimacy between two species. How do you think those guys could capture such an amazing event?

The answer lies in trail cameras or you can call it game cameras. You can get amazing wildlife photos which wouldn’t have been possible in your presence. Moreover, it increases the security of your premises as it has motion detection capability.

No matter what your reason to use this camera, we can help to choose the best cellular trail cameras for you. Here, we’ve listed the 10 best trail cameras with cellular connectivity. Choose the one that suits your interest the most.

The 10 Best Cellular Trail Camera In 2021

1. SPYPOINT LINK-EVO-V Cellular Trail Camera

Spypoint has made its name in the hunting industry with great features at a fair price. But they didn’t compromise the quality at any point. Uniquely, they claim to have the fastest triggering technology with a 0.07-millisecond trigger. Also, it takes a maximum of two shots on each motion.

SPYPOINT LINK-EVO-V Cellular Trail Camera

Another big reason to get Spypoint is their SPYPOINT LINK APP with the patent-pending Buck Tracker algorithm. With the AI, you can filter out thousands of non-buck images and save a lot of time.

In addition, if you buy rechargeable batteries and a solar charger as accessories, you’ll solve the problem of changing batteries too often. Moreover, it has great camera specifications that’ll provide you with high-quality images within seconds.

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Noticeable features:

  • It has 12 megapixels camera lens with 42 low-glow LEDs which ensures a clear image even in the dark.
  • Also, it can trigger within 0.07 milliseconds, has a flash range of 90-foot, and a detection range of 80-foot which captures anything that’s passed by the camera.
  • The camera has a pre-activated SIM card inside it with 4G/LTE cellular connectivity.
  • It has a 2-inch display with metal security housing and you can buy additional mounting elements for a secure hold.
  • You can add an external power source of 12 volts DC and an additional memory card up to 32 GB.

Who should buy?

If you are a serious hunter, a researcher, or a wildlife photographer, SPYPOINT LINK-EVO-V Cellular Trail Camera will be the best option for you. It’s because it has the fastest triggering technology and solvable power issue. So, you won’t miss any target as it has no point of failure.

2. Snyper – Commander 4GLTE Trail Camera

One big problem we face regarding trail cameras is that they get stolen. But this device is secured with its GPS feature. So, you can track down its location by simply opening your app. It not only is reliable but also has tension-free power backup. You can add solar panels to the camera which will run it for years.

Snyper – Commander 4GLTE Trail CameraMoreover, it accepts any cellular network which is a huge benefit. You don’t have to think about the camera’s compatibility with the network in your area. On the other hand, the Snyper app is user-friendly and features a lot of useful things and it’s completely free.

Again, it has a SimHERO SIM card that automatically detects the strongest cell network in your area and connects to it. The camera has 56 invisible IRs which are equally important to get clearer night vision. 

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Noticeable features:

  • It has GPS locator to locate your camera for better security and better hunting.
  • The free Snyper app is intelligent filtering specific animals so that you don’t have to manually check your targeted ones.
  • The night vision is very clear with its 56 LEDs and better functionality with the app.
  • The package includes a SIM card with affordable monthly plans so that you don’t have to worry about the cellular network at all.
  • With 2 internal lithium-ion batteries and buying additional solar panels, you can run the camera for years without any more external power. 

Who should buy?

If you hesitate to buy game cameras due to theft and battery maintenance, the Snyper – Commander 4GLTE Trail Camera will be the best for your interest. In addition, you’ll not have to worry about choosing carriers and monthly service plans as it has a SimHERO feature.

3. Spypoint Link Micro 4G Cellular Trail Camera

Till now, you got a reason for high-price to opt-out from buying a trail camera. But Spypoint Link Micro 4G Cellular Trail Camera is one of the best cellular trail cameras that you can buy within a tight budget. The best part is that you don’t need to compromise image quality or camera performance.

Spypoint Link Micro 4G Cellular Trail Camera

The camera and the image quality are greatly supported by the SPYPOINT LINK APP and their Buck Filter algorithm. You can both save time and money on this compact small-sized trail camera.

Although there is no screen to set the menu, you can do it with its app more easily. The camera also has photo-mode only but can take multiple shots upon motion sensing. Moreover, you can buy some accessories that can run the device non-stop for years without changing the batteries.

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Noticeable features:

  • The device has a preactivated 4G SIM card included which connects to the strongest network in your area. 
  • The camera lens is 10 megapixels, has 4 power LEDs, an 80-foot flash range, 0.5-second triggering speed, and multi-shot capability.
  • You can see and filter the images via their app and save a lot of time using the Buck Filter option.
  • The additional solar panel, rechargeable battery, antenna for more range, and cable lock will make it secure and more functional.
  • It runs on 8 AA batteries which you need to buy separately.

Who should buy?

If you think the best trail cameras for security are expensive, you should think again. Check its price and you’ll see that the Spypoint Link Micro 4G Cellular Trail Camera is best for your requirement. It’s not a high-end camera but will do the work just fine providing a quality image with Spypoint Link App.

4. Boly MG983G 30MP 3G Wireless Trail Camera

Do you know what makes the Boly MG983G stand out from the rest of the products? It is a long detection range and powerful camera. It can detect any movement up to 100 feet away and can take a picture with its 30MP camera. 

Boly MG983G 30MP 3G Wireless Trail Camera

Also, it has a big color LCD display that is 3 inches. In addition, the camera supports MicroSD cards up to 32 GB. Regarding cellular connectivity, it sends images via the 3G network. You can have a connection from AT&T, T-Mobile, or Cricket Wireless to get it working.

Finally, you can control or give orders using SMS. You can take pictures, videos, or check the battery level using text. So, it is a perfect trail camera for the existing network.

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Noticeable features:

  • It has a 30-megapixel camera that can take videos with 1080P resolution. 
  • The device can be controlled via SMS texting and you can get images via 3G network.
  • The flash type is black IR which can reach up to 90 feet giving you a clear image at night.
  • Also, it records sound so you can get valuable information if you’re using it as a surveillance camera.
  • It runs on 8 AA batteries which can run it for a longer time period.

Who should buy?

If you want a great value trail camera that has a very long detection range and a high-quality camera, you must buy Boly MG983G. Another big advantage is that you can control the camera even if you don’t have a Smartphone. So, it’s the best choice for any location as it uses the 3G network.

5. Bigfoot 3G Camera

Bigfoot 3G camera is one of the best cellular trail cameras with high reliability and affordability. The camera can operate most of the areas in North America. Also, you can choose affordable monthly plans with its SimHERO preactivated SIM card. 

Bigfoot 3G Camera

Moreover, the time to set up this device is not mush. You only need to mount the device, power up, and you’ll be getting high-quality images in your email.

The camera is powerful enough to take up to 12MP images and record 1080P videos with 30fps. Also, you’ll get clearer night vision images for up to 65 feet away with 56 IP LEDs.

In addition, the accessories from Bigfoot will solve any problem you can think of on the field. The most important issues are power and security. Buying extra components like a solar panel, rechargeable batteries, and secure mounting gears will ensure those features.

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Noticeable features:

  • It has a wide lens camera with F=3.0 and FOV=100° and can trigger within 0.4 seconds. 
  • It supports 3G SIM and operates under AT&T coverage areas with preactivated SimHERO SIM card.
  • The monthly packages are affordable not to mention the camera itself. 
  • The device is waterproof with the specification that meets IP66 and also operates from -33 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • It runs on 12 AA batteries that are not included in the package and you can add solar panels to it.

Who should buy?

If you’re looking for a high-end camera that is reliable, durable, and affordable, the Bigfoot 3G camera is for you. Also, you’ll be getting a powerful 3G antenna and a micro SD card of 16GB. The device has a daily reporting feature. It’ll allow you to stay updated regularly without spending much.

6. Moultrie MV2 Field Modem

With most of the areas of North America covered by Verizon, you can stay tension-free with the camera’s connectivity. The Moultrie Mobile devices are unique for their sleek design and look which perfectly blend into nature. Also, it uses the 4G network. So, you’ll get reliable and fast connectivity without having to upgrade it anytime soon.

Moultrie MV2 Field Modem

The camera and the modem are sold separately but cost less than other devices on the list. The camera is powerful enough to capture night images 80 feet away and record videos in full HD. 

The combo is powerful and easily manageable with the Moultrie Mobile App. Also, you can manage the images, control data plans, and make payments easily. Both devices run on separate 8 AA batteries and you can add solar panels to forget about changing the batteries anymore.

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Noticeable features:

  • This device is manageable through the free Moultrie app which can be found for both Android and iOS.
  • This field modem supports all game cameras manufactured by Moultrie.
  • The device runs on 8 AA batteries and has a long battery life to send up to 19000 images. 
  • Also, the device is compatible with a 12-volt battery so that you can install additional solar panels and have an almost unlimited battery life.
  • The antenna is placed inside the modem so that nothing can damage it and can also connect to AT&T’s network with its MA2 version.

Who should buy?

If you want to add the connectivity feature to some of your Moultrie cameras, you can add an MV2 Field Modem that’ll connect your device to the vast network of Verizon 4G. You can also add the AT&T connection with their MA2 model. So, Moultrie gets the most areas in North America covered.

7. Moultrie Mobile XV7000i Cellular Trail Camera

Being one of the best on both camera features and mobile connectivity is tough. But Moultrie Mobile XV7000i Cellular Trail Camera has successfully pulled off the tough job. This powerful device supports Verizon’s 4G network for cellular connectivity. 

Moultrie Mobile XV7000i Cellular Trail Camera

Because of its 4G connectivity, you’ll get the best speed and high-quality image within seconds. Also, the free app from Moultrie will allow you to get and maintain images effortlessly. Again, with the app, you can control and pay for your data plan.

On the other hand, the cost for the initial installation is low as you will not have to pay for any contract, activation, or cancellation fee. Power up the device with 12 AA batteries, insert the SIM and start using it at $9.99 per month. The monthly payment rate can get increased based on your usage.

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Noticeable features:

  • It has a 20-megapixel camera and 0.3 seconds triggering speed so that you get every motion detected with the best image quality.
  • It has a long detection and flash range which is up to 80 feet away from the device. 
  • The camera has ILLUMI-Night 2 sensor and IR LEDs for high-quality images at night.
  • The battery life is enhanced with its efficient designing which can run the device for almost 3 months with only 12 AA batteries.
  • Another big advantage is that you can buy data plans from Moultrie which allows you to have any phone provider that you’re using right now.

Who should buy?

If you’re looking for better image quality and high-speed connectivity, you can choose the Moultrie Mobile XV7000i Cellular Trail Camera. Also, it won’t cost you like other high-end devices. Similarly, it gives you a better battery life than others.

8. Cuddeback CuddeLink Trail Cameras

Are you tired of paying monthly bills generated by your game cameras? Pay no more as Cuddeback CuddeLink Trail Cameras solve your issue by creating a mesh network. You can get pictures from all the cameras to one Cuddeback camera without any cellular connectivity.

Cuddeback CuddeLink Trail Cameras

How it’s done? You buy several cameras up to 16 cameras in a single mesh network, place them 40 acres away from one another, and set it up with the home camera.

The cameras that are far away from home send the pictures to their nearest cameras and the images propagate through the network ending at your home camera. Thus, all photos are saved in internal memory and you won’t need to pay a penny for the whole process.

Moreover, if you need more areas to cover, you can add multiple mesh networks. Also, the cameras have cellular connectivity features like other trail cameras in case you don’t want to create such a mesh network.

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Noticeable features:

  • The camera lens is 20 megapixels and has 24 no-glow IR LEDs for clearer images at day and night.
  • It can trigger within 0.25 seconds of motion detection and shot up to 5 images per burst.
  • One camera is placed at home which acts as a base station and another 15 cameras are placed outside connected wirelessly to it.
  • Each camera runs on 12 AA batteries for which the overall design is small.
  • One camera can cover some areas that you prefer at your home which means that the cost for your home security is saved.

Who should buy?

If you have hundreds and thousands of acres that need surveillance, this is the best trail camera for security. The Cuddeback leads with its unique mesh camera network system.

With all features like other cameras, you can have the added advantage of not paying monthly bills on this device. So, you’ll be a winner in terms of cost in the long run.

9. CuddeLink Dual Cell

In the previous product review, we’ve seen the features of Cuddeback CuddeLink Trail Cameras. But we discussed a drawback in case you wanted to increase the coverage area with more Cuddeback cameras. Here, the problem is addressed by the CuddeLink Dual Cell.

CuddeLink Dual Cell

With this device at your home, you can another mesh network with a total of 32 cameras which is enough to cover thousands of acres. Also, the device can connect to a cellular network. By buying a cell plan from Verizon, you’ll get the images via the 4G network. 

Moreover, it can save hundreds of dollars per year as you don’t need to buy plans for each device like other brands. With one plan activated on CuddeLink Dual Cell, you’ll be paying far less.

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Noticeable features:

  • This device not only collects images but also takes photos of your home area. 
  • The device has both wireless modes that don’t require you to pay for any plan and one-device pay plan with Verizon LTE.
  • You can get unlimited images for only $30 per month.
  • The camera itself is 20MP and has the capability of getting ready to take another picture within 1 second. 
  • It can trigger within 0.25 seconds which is faster than industry standards.

Who should buy?

If you need a mesh network of cameras, you should consider this dual cell with the required number of individual cameras. It may cost a little bit more at the beginning but will result in saving money in the long run. These powerful devices can support you for years with minimum maintenance. 

ZHEENN Trail Camera 4G LTE Cellular & GPS

There are certain parameters that need to be checked to be the best cellular trail camera. ZHEENN Trail Camera 4G LTE Cellular & GPS check them all. So, by buying this game camera, you’ll be having an all-rounder fulfilling a hunter’s requirements.

The 4G connection supports AT&T and T-mobile only and the package includes an AT&T 4G SIM. So, getting high-resolution images within seconds is not a dream anymore. Also, you can get affordable prepaid plans according to your needs.

The device’s efficiency ensures great battery life. So, you’ll get 8 months of standby time with 12 AA batteries. On top of that, you can add solar panels so that the device runs for years recharging the battery.

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Noticeable features:

  • For your convenience, you can get the image notification via their free app or MMS or email.
  • The trigger speed is faster than many products and its 0.2 seconds within motion detection. 
  • You can set different image capturing functionality with the app easily.
  • With 12MP camera lens, 1080P video quality, 52 IR LEDs, and wide image capturing angle, you’ll get clearer images at both daylight and night. 
  • It also has GPS tracking capability so that you can know your camera’s position at any given moment using their app.

Who should buy?

If you are looking for a trail camera that has everything you can ask for, ZHEENN Trail Camera will be the one. With our previously reviewed products, we seem to have failings in battery life. With this one, you can’t even complain about it.

Tips for Trail Camera Placing & Installation Properly

Before we say goodbye, we want to share some expert tips on how to properly place and install those best cellular trail cameras. 


  • Firstly, think of the exact reason for buying the trail camera. Then, choose the perfect location according to your needs and pinpoint a spot where the chance your target appearing is the highest.

  • Secondly, you can make the spot lucrative to your target animal by putting some food and making up to look like its natural.

  • Make sure that your camera gets a wide-angle to sense movements and take clear shots.  Try to place it on the trails of a buck’s resting place and food source.

  • During the summer, you can guess a few spots where all types of animals gather and that are watering holes.

  • Finally, consider the height of your target animals. Then, place the camera according to that height or a bit higher and face it a bit down.


  • Make sure that the spot for appearing the target is at least 8 to 10 yards away from the camera. It’ll help to get a better shot.

  • Now it’s time for photo settings. Set 2 or 3 bursts with an interval depending on the nature of your pray and place.

  • Then, make the video settings right. We’ve reviewed some of the best cellular trail cameras that have HD video capability. So, set the duration and quality according to your data plan.

  • Another hunting pro tip is masking the smell. You need to practice and master the ways to hide your smell as well as the device’s smell. 

  • Regarding the required number of cameras required in a certain area, we can’t tell you the exact numbers. But you can set one camera for approximately 150 yards. Now, divide the total area you want to cover by 150 and you’ll be having the number of cameras you need to buy.
  • Maintaining trail cameras with fresh batteries is vital. Regularly check the status of the battery and change with fresh ones before it completely runs dry. One way to do it smartly is to install solar panels and a lithium-ion battery. This will make the device run for years without maintenance. 

  • Security of the trail cameras is a vital issue. You need a camera that has a GPS tracking feature so that no one can get away from stealing it. If your camera doesn’t have that feature, you can buy additional heavy housing.

What cellular plans are available?

Another choice you will get, before installing your trail camera after selecting the best cellular trail camera is to select the perfect cellular network. There are two considerations you need to be aware of when selecting a cellular network for your trail camera – coverage area and network plans.

You need to be sure that the network service provider whose Sim Card you are getting, actually has signal towers in the area that will provide good coverage, because getting proper signals in a forest is not something any network operator can provide.

Opt for Verizon, T Mobile, or AT&T, depending on your location. Secondly, browse through the cellular plans being offered by the network provider to see if you can find affordable plans that fulfill your needs.

A good plan will typically cost you somewhere between $10 to $30. However, rates may vary so you will have to do market research to ensure you are not being overcharged.

How Do Game Cameras Work?

Trail cameras are placed in different locations around a property, and when the presence of a person is detected in a their perimeter, they take a still image of that creature and send it to you vis text or email depending on the type of trail camera you have.

There are two types of trail cameras:

  • Cellular trail cameras – cellular trail cameras are connected to a cellular network via a sim card. Any photographs taken through this camera are sent directly to the owner’s phone. Multiple cellular plans are available to suit the needs and pockets of those who have installed the cameras.

  • Wireless trail cameras – wireless trail cameras require Wi-Fi connectivity and strong signals to send the photographs that have been taken.

Trail cameras snap photographs instantly focus on and capture brisk movements without giving out any signaling light or sounds to alert the prey. This means that there are no shutter or clicking noises at the time of the photograph being taken, and in fact, there is no obvious flash. Trail cameras take backlit photographs so all the photographs that are taken are done so with the utmost secrecy.

Thus, you camera can stay camouflaged whilst making you aware of any potential dangers, the location of your prey (be it a buck or bird), or any squatters on your property.

These cameras need to be installed at various locations and left there for days so not to disturb the ecosystem. When an animal or thief comes in the perimeter of the cameras, their sensors automatically trigger the camera to take a photograph.

Trail cameras are designed to instantly take photographs, with a mere second(s) in between, so not to miss a quick buck or another fast animal.

Final Recommendation

So, that’s the complete review of the best cellular trail camera and we think you’ve got the best one that meets your criteria. But if you got puzzled with all this information, let us help you choose one. We think ZHEENN Trail Camera 4G LTE Cellular & GPS Trail Camera has the best all-rounder functionality and Boly MG983G 30MP 3G Wireless Trail Camera is best for its feature under a tight budget. 

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