Top 7 Best Keyboard for Music Production in 2021

Are you serious about creating music on your PC? If you are looking for ways to produce your creation and start your musical career, you need to invest in the right keyboard. Finding the best keyboard for music production can be challenging, given the number of brands available in the market. Some of the advanced versions are even available with Bluetooth connectivity, which can help you use the device wirelessly with your PC or Mac.

However, to determine your music studio’s right device, you need to set aside a strict budget first. Depending on the features and software system, the prices of these devices tend to rise the chart.

And hence, you need to set a price aside before you start checking out the features of these keyboards available for music production. However, to simplify the selection procedure for you, here is a detailed review of the seven best products available in the market.

Top 7 Best Keyboard for Music Production in 2021

Best Keyboard for Music Production

1. Novation Launchkey 49 USB Keyboard Controller for Ableton Live

The first one on this review list is the Novation Launchkey 49 USB Keyboard Controller for Ableton Live, 49-Note MK2 Version. It happens to be the middle size available from the Launchkey line, and it is also the sibling of both 25 & 61-note versions. All the versions from this range are available with Ableton Live 9 Lite. It is an excellent feature that offers you Seamless performance and pairing.

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Key Features

  • The product dimensions are 30.51 x 3.5 x 10.62 inches
  • The product weight is 8.16 pounds
  • Most comfortable and convenient tool for performing electronic music

Highlights Features

  • Availability of pad drumming and free keys lessons
  • Easy hands-on control of all music software systems
  • Works seamlessly without any power cable or drivers

The Mk2 49 offers you velocity-sensitive, full-size keys along with the 16 RGB pads. You also get eight knobs for keeping control over the mixer and instruments, along with the nine sliders. Such features make it easier to map all the effects without any limitations.

You also get to use the dedicated navigation along with the control buttons for error-free performances. It can be considered to be the best computer keyboard for music production available in the market.

The product lets the user choose between 25, 49, and even 61-note versions. Therefore, you get to change your settings as per your music requirements. Since this one is fully USB bus-powered and class-compliant, you do not have to worry about using power cables or any drivers for its functions.

Novation Launchkey 49 USB Keyboard Controller for...
1,695 Reviews
Novation Launchkey 49 USB Keyboard Controller for...
  • MK2 version of Novation's 49-note USB keyboard controller for Ableton Live
  • 16 velocity-sensitive RGB pads, 8 knobs, and dedicated navigation and control buttons
  • Software for Mac and PC and sustain pedal 1/4 inch jack socket,7 segment 3 character LED...

You get 16 full-color RGB sensitive drum pads with backlit features. The package comes with software that is ideal for PC and Mac users. Along with that, you get to enjoy three-year warranty services and excellent customer care services from the brand without any hassles.

2. M-Audio Oxygen 25 IV | USB Keyboard 

The next product on this list for your reference is M-Audio Oxygen 25 IV | USB Keyboard and Pad MIDI Controller Featuring Pad/Velocity – Sensitive Keys. If you want to invest in the best professional music keyboard, this is the right choice for you.

It is a compact and ultra-portable keyboard with 25 full-size sensitive keys. It is a performance keyboard with synth action velocity keys, which helps you deliver excellent performance without any complications.

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Key Features

  • The product dimensions are 19.37 x 9.56 x 3.7 inches
  • The product weight is 3.96 pounds
  • Travel-friendly design and portable
  • Presence of backlit sensitive drum pads

Highlights Features

  • It comes with a premium software suite
  • In-built personalized mapping presets available

Also, it offers you an on-board pitch bend along with the modulation wheels, which aids in delivering expressive performances. The presence of eight velocity-sensitive trigger pads is essential for beat production as well as clip launching. However, the eight assignable knobs’ presence is useful for manipulating the virtual instruments, plugins, and DAW parameters.

You can conveniently access the entire range of notes with this one as it comes compacted with Octave Up and Down buttons. Such features make it a highly desirable product as it offers the ideal and portable device for delivering excellent music performances.

M-Audio Oxygen 25 IV | USB Keyboard and Pad MIDI...
1,507 Reviews
M-Audio Oxygen 25 IV | USB Keyboard and Pad MIDI...
  • Compact, ultra portable performance keyboard controller with 25 full size, synth action velocity...
  • 8 velocity sensitive trigger pads for beat production and clip launching, and 8 assignable knobs for...
  • Dedicated octave up and down buttons increase the keyboard to the full melodic range and transport...

The device is available with core in-demand keys and tools which help you to capture the tunes perfectly. The device also comes with the 6.3mm sustain pedal input along with the external control pedal. The SP2 is sold separately, which can elevate the expressive capability along with the genuine piano-style sustainability. It is a highly user-friendly device with a comprehensive software package for both PC and Mac users.

3. Arturia MiniLab MkII 25 Slim-Key Controller

Do you want to invest in a budget-friendly, compact, and portable MIDI keyboard for practice sessions? Suppose you have been thinking about starting your music career with a high- end product without spending a lot of money.

In that case, Arturia MiniLab MkII 25 Slim-Key Controller is the right answer to all your musical worries. It is the best midi keyboard for FL studio available in the pocket-friendly budget range in the market.

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Key Features

  • The product dimensions are 14 x 9 x 1.5 inches
  • The product weight is 3.20 pounds
  • The ergonomic, compact design meant for traveling purposes

Highlights Features

  • Highly affordable product
  • Free software included
  • Durable and responsive performance pads available

According to the users, this one offers you a seamless and excellent responsive keypad, one of the critical features of this product. It is the perfect solution for beginners who are thinking about starting their music career ahead.

This one comes with 25 notes slim design built and include Analog Lab Lit, UVI Grand Piano, and Ableton Live Lite. Along with that, you get to enjoy the two banks of eight high-quality velocity as well as pressure-sensitive pads along with RGB backlighting features. Among the 16 rotary encoders present in this device, two of them are clickable.

Arturia MiniLab MkII 25 Slim-Key Controller
1,943 Reviews
Arturia MiniLab MkII 25 Slim-Key Controller
  • Portable and Compact - MIDI Controller
  • The most responsive keyboard experience in its category
  • 500 of the V-Collection 8 presets / 21 Keyboard Instruments and Synthesizers / fully mapped right...

For enhanced modulation and pitch bend, you get the two capacitive touch sensors in this product. All the control knobs are right at your fingertips. You also get to control DAW with the presence of the 16 assignable encoders available with the device. So, no more worrying about recording your creations as this one offers you easy and hassle-free ways to create music without any limitations.

4. Akai Professional MPK261

Do you wish to invest in the best computer keyboard for music production? Suppose you are keen to invest in the right product. In that case, you must be thrilled to read this review about Akai Professional MPK261 | 61-Key Semi-Weighted USB MIDI Keyboard Controller Including Core Control from The MPC Workstations.

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Key Features

  • The product dimensions are 12.28 x 36.65 x 3.39 inches
  • The product weight is 16.10 lbs
  • Highly recommended for live performances and studio use

Highlights Features

  • Presence of extensive control set
  • Reasonable price range
  • Sleek and elegant design

The brand is renowned for the use of the pads as controllers. That is why you get to enjoy expressive pads in this device. But the features aren’t limited to the pads only. Instead, the device comes with the 61 semi-weighted synth styled keys, which is a classic combination to cater to modern music styles.

To enhance the versatility of the device, the company offers you guaranteed iOS compatibility. It also comes with the modulation wheels and pitch blend along with Octave Up And Down features. And if you are interested in triggering samples in real-time mode, you can use the 16 RGB illuminated pads, each of which has four banks that allow for a comprehensive sample selection. The more you use these features, the better you get at your game of recording and delivering electric performances to the audience.

The device is equipped with the MPC Beats software. It is one of the essential tools which is highly recommended for pro production purposes. Other additional features include the presence of eight faders, eight encoder knobs, and transport controls.

Akai Professional MPK261 | 61-Key Semi-Weighted...
213 Reviews
Akai Professional MPK261 | 61-Key Semi-Weighted...
  • Pro Keyboard Performance - 61 semi-weighted, velocity-sensitive full-size keys and a premium...
  • Beat Making Essentials - 16 RGB-illuminated MPC-style pads each with 4 banks for 64 pads - the...
  • Assignable Control - 24 assignable Q-Link controllers comprising 8 control knobs, faders and...

The presence of VIP3.1 allows the user to gain unparalleled access to the virtual instrument along with the effect collection. These flawlessly integrate the software or hardware experience, thereby granting you the unrestricted freedom to create your music in a user-friendly, spontaneous format.

5. M-Audio Hammer 88  

Young aspirants often struggle with getting the right keyboard for creating their music using PC and other gadgets. This brand integrates all the essential features to help these creators make their content without any complications. Therefore, the best keyboard for music production is none other than M-Audio Hammer 88 | Premium 88-Key Hammer-Action USB/MIDI Keyboard Controller Including A Studio Grade Software Suite.

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Key Features

  • The product dimensions are 5.04 x 11.88 x 55.8 inches
  • The product weight is 38.5 pounds
  • USB port available, multiple software systems provided

Highlights Features

  • A clean, aesthetic investment for both professional players and beginners
  • Free Skoove three-month subscription included
  • Highly compatible, peripheral keyboard

The keyboard offers 88 fully weighted and hammer action velocity-sensitive keys that deliver natural piano feel to the user. Also, it replicated every subtle tone of your musical performance. The USB powered specification and driverless class-compliant offers you seamless USB MIDI connections for using the virtual instruments and using other additional aspects as well.

The modulation settings, volume, pitch bend, and octave controls are conveniently placed within the device to help the user deliver immersive and expressive performances. It is a no-compromise product that is highly recommended for both professional players and beginners. The device also comes with advanced controlling options for inputs for expression, sustain, and soft pedals.

The most significant advantage of using this device is that you enjoy three months of free subscription to Skoove. It is the easiest way to master the keyboard and even brush your skills with the experts’ right guidance.

M-Audio Hammer 88 | Premium 88-Key Hammer-Action...
258 Reviews
M-Audio Hammer 88 | Premium 88-Key Hammer-Action...
  • 88 fully weighted, hammer action velocity sensitive keys deliver natural piano feel, faithfully...
  • Driverless class compliant and USB powered specification provides seamless USB midi connection for...
  • Conveniently located pitch bend, modulation, volume and octave controls for immersive, expressive...

It also comes with a comprehensive performance software system, which is ideal for both Mac and PC users. The dual keyboard zones’ presence is for layering, splits, and 4-note chords with the single keypress.

6. Akai Professional Advance 49 

Another outstanding product available in the market for budding musicians is the Akai Professional Advance 49 | 49-Key Virtual Instrument Production Controller with Full-Color LCD Screen & 10K Sounds Download. It is an integrated 4.3 inches keyboard with high resolution and full-color screen, accompanied by dedicated interface buttons.

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Key Features

  • The product dimensions are 11.52 x 29.52 x 3.48 inches
  • The product weight is 9.92 pounds
  • Sophisticated and user-friendly design
  • Eight endless variable control knobs present
  • Presence of dedicated pad bank, octave, transport controls, and performance buttons

Highlights Features

  • Presence of pressure-sensitive and velocity rich MPC pads with the RGB illumination
  • Presence of modulation wheels and rubberized pitch
  • Footswitch inputs are present

You get unprecedented playability along with unrestricted manipulation of any virtual musical instrument with this exclusive product. It is complemented highly by performance-friendly specific hardware controls.

This best professional music keyboard is available in different modes as per the requirement of the player. The Advance Keyboards’ presence skillfully fuses the software instruments with the keyboard workstation’s live playability. So, finally, the dividing line between hardware and software instruments is gone.

The device offers you screen accessibility 1:1 with real-time feedback on the plugin parameters. It comes with the Virtual Instrument Player software, which is an essential feature for using the virtual musical instrument seamlessly. This sophisticated design is relatively easy to use and manipulate as and when required for creating your music at any time.

Akai Professional Advance 49 | 49-Key Virtual...
133 Reviews
Akai Professional Advance 49 | 49-Key Virtual...
  • Integrated 4.3-inch high-resolution full-color screen with dedicated interface buttons
  • Screen provides 1:1, real-time feedback of plugin parameters
  • Includes Virtual Instrument Player software for unprecedented virtual instrument preset management,...

The keyboard comes with 49 premium, semi-weighted, high velocity-sensitive keypads along with eight large, variable control knobs. But the greatest reason this one is an essential musical addition for any music creator is that it offers you over 10,000 sounds from the best developers in the industry at Toolroom Records SONiVOX, and AIR Music Technology. That is possible as the keyboard is available with a 16GB download feature.

7. Nektar Impact LX49+ Keyboard Controller

Nektar Impact LX49+ Keyboard Controller, MultiColored is the last product on the list for a detailed review. It is the best MIDI keyboard for FL studio, which delivers unrivaled control, aspects, and options to create music and doesn’t require professional expertise to set up. It seamlessly works with computer music applications and offers comprehensive smart controller functionality, which is a great advantage of using this product.

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Key Features

  • The product dimensions are 32 x 10.5 x 3 inches
  • The product weight is 7.00 pounds
  • Works great with all the MIDI music applications
  • Easy connectivity to smart gadgets

Highlights Features

  • Backlit and sensitive-touch pads available
  • Compatible with iOS, Mac, and PC
  • Bitwig 8-track DAW available with the device

The device comes with a MIDI cable, which helps the creator connect the device with the computers without any problems. Along with the Nektar DAW Integration software, you can now gain remote control access to the eleven common DAWs. So, you can take full control of the mixer attributes, modify the virtual instruments and navigate the projects as per your requirements. Therefore, music creation is made easy with this product.

The device comes with 49, full-size, sensitive, high-velocity keyboard, which lets the users select between the four-velocity curves for different playing styles. You get to choose between these styles that include both hard and soft touches.

Nektar Impact LX49+ Keyboard Controller,...
446 Reviews
Nektar Impact LX49+ Keyboard Controller,...
  • 49 note (61 on LX61+) velocity-sensitive synth-action keyboard
  • 8 hyper-sensitive backlit pads
  • Mac, PC and iOS Compatible

It highly calibrated, expressive and dynamic, making the device an exciting addition to your musical instruments collection. Along with that, you get dedicated controls for octave, pitch bend, and modulation wheels for appropriate articulation.

Top Reasons to Use a MIDI Keyboard

Here are a few reasons why every music creator needs a MIDI keyboard:

Easy to Use

One of the fundamental reasons these keyboards are highly in use is that they are easy to use and do not require any specialized knowledge like other devices available in the market. All you need is a USB cable that can connect the device with the computers without any complications.

Stylish and Trendy Addition

These keyboards are worth your investment as they add a style quotient to your music instrument collection. These resemble the piano-styled user interface but are available in alternative designs to offer you appropriate functions and features.

Creates the Best Melodies

If you are looking for the easiest way to create your music, nothing can beat a MIDI keyboard. As already highlighted, it is easy to set up, use and makes some of the best melodies with effective sound quality. It lets you control the sounds appropriately to create your best playlist without any limitations.

Final Verdict

The above section boldly highlights the positive attributes of the seven best MIDI keyboards available in the market. However, if you have to shortlist the right product for your use, make sure to select the one that fulfills your requirements properly.

According to the users’ ratings and reviews, the one that is a clear winner is the Akai Professional Advance 49 | 49-Key Virtual Instrument Production Controller with Full-Color LCD Screen & 10K Sounds Download.

You get an excellent platform to create your music with this one as it comes loaded with different features and variable functionality. It offers you a 16GB download of around 10,000 musical sounds from the industry-best developers. So, as the company claims, your creation is right at your fingertips. Such advanced features make it the best keyboard for music production.

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