Top 7 Best Monitor For Nintendo Switch In 2021

The demand for the best monitor for Nintendo switch is now at the peak of recommendations from the hard gamers. This gaming console makes your gaming smooth and enjoyable by providing solo gaming on the go as well as gaming on your computer with your partners at home.

After buying a Nintendo switch for better gaming you don’t wanna compromise the robust experience for just a smaller screen on the monitor. Although the 6.2-inch display on the Nintendo Switch is a better one for handle held gaming but if you’re wanting a larger screen, this may seem pretty lacking for comfortable gaming.

You may be thinking that you will need a full-fledged gaming monitor to have the optimal visuals, but this may not be true always. A monitor with an HDMI port or full HD resolution may be sufficient, but we will find out some of the cheaper options that will suit your requirements. In this article, we will try to demonstrate some of the best monitors for Nintendo switches for your convenient gaming within budget.

Top 7 Best Monitor For Nintendo Switch In 2021

Have a look at the selected monitors of our editors that will suit your requirements and provide you with an optimized gaming experience within a reasonable budget. Too much talking, let’s move on to the main discussion.

1. Acer R240HY bidx 23.8-Inch IPS HDMI DVI VGA Widescreen Monitor

While going to move for a large screen best monitor for nintendo switch a cheaper option will always stay at the first position in the priority list. And this Acer bidx is one of the cheapest 24-inch monitors with an IPS display to provide you a better visual while playing games. 

This is also a great monitor with an IPS display but the thing that separates this from others is the affordable price. A monitor with an HDMI port and FHD display will suit you, as we have mentioned earlier. But there are many monitors of 21 or 22-inch display at a lesser price. If you are looking for the bare minimum display, it will attract you for sure.

Acer R240HY bidx 23.8-Inch IPS HDMI DVI VGA (1920...
10,919 Reviews
Acer R240HY bidx 23.8-Inch IPS HDMI DVI VGA (1920...
  • 23.8" Full HD IPS widescreen with 1920 x 1080 resolution
  • Response time: 4ms, refresh rate: 60 hertz, pixel pitch: 0.2745 millimeter. 178 degree wide viewing...
  • The zero frame design provides maximum visibility of the screen from edge to edge

Key Features of Acer R240HY bidx widescreen monitor

  • Has a 23.8 inches Full HD IPS display with 1080p resolution for a better visual
  • Provides maximum visibility from edge to edge as it has the zero frame design
  • It has 178-degree viewing angles and a -5 to 15-degree adjustable stand for flexibility
  • Provides harm-free better visuals for your eyes as it has Acer Flicker-less technology and a blue light filter
  • It is energy-friendly since it has an Acer EcoDisplay design which ensures recycling, safety, and energy efficiency

If you’re pretty much interested in borderless visual enjoyment while playing games, then this monitor from the Acer R series will be the best possible option at an affordable price. At less than 120 dollars a full HD resolution display with HDMI port and other utilities makes it the best one for gaming in Nintendo Switch at budget.

If you’re searching for budget-friendly monitors for your Nintendo Switch then it is a smart choice. But if you are looking for something expensive and better then move downward.

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2. Sceptre C278W 27″ Curved 75Hz LED Monitor – Best Portable Monitor For Nintendo Switch

Another robust monitor that performs better and provides a smooth experience than the upper one. This one is pretty much costly than the above mentioned one, but the quality is still value for money.  This one is a curved one and the screen size is huge, 27 inches long. 

This Spectre C278W is a 27 inches long monitor with a refresh rate of 75 Hz, which will be the best option for those who want to have something costly and better. Within all the best features, the higher budget range doesn’t seem overpriced, it is a value for money one.

Sceptre 27' Curved 75Hz LED Monitor C278W-1920R...
1,777 Reviews
Sceptre 27" Curved 75Hz LED Monitor C278W-1920R...
  • 27" curved LED FHD monitor. OS Compatibility- Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, macOS High Sierra,...
  • 1800R immersive curvature (very curved). Lamp Life- 50,000 Hours
  • HDMI, DisplayPort, VGA and speakers

Key Features Of Sceptre C278W 27 Inches Curved 75Hz LED Monitor 

  • Has 1800R immense curvature that will enhance your visuals and provide a live feel while playing games
  • A 27 inch full HD LED display will let you enjoy things bigger and have seamless fun
  • It is compatible with Windows 7, 8 and, 9 Operating System macOS High Sierra, macOS Sierra, OS X El Capitan, etc for more possibilities
  • The lamp life of this Sceptre monitor is 50000 hours thus enjoy things for longer
  • It has an eye-friendly 75 Hz refresh rate that makes your gaming experience Harm-free

Those who don’t bother about spending some extra pennies for having a better monitor to run their Nintendo Switch can check this Sceptre C278W monitor. This monitor has more high-quality features than the upper one as well as it is pretty much expensive than the Acer monitor.

The tilt features and the fast response time is a great thing for the gamers. Since it has multiple ports HDMI and Full HD display it will suit your Nintendo Switch, but keep in mind the budget first of all.

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3. Dell S2417DG YNY1D 24-Inch Screen LED-Lit TN Gaming Monitor

With your Nintendo Switch gaming experience may lack just because of a pretty smaller screen on the handheld device, then the mode shifts to playing on the monitor. For the best level of gameplay and visual experience, you know that you need a monitor with greater features like HDMI Ports, an FHD display, and greater aspect ratio, and so on. No matter what, if you’re a true gamer you would have searched for the best one for your gaming console.

Dell Gaming Monitor S2417DG YNY1D 24-Inch Screen...
2,288 Reviews
Dell Gaming Monitor S2417DG YNY1D 24-Inch Screen...
  • Get stunning clarity with QHD resolution - that's close to 2 times more screen details than Full HD
  • Enhance your visual experience with optimal preset modes tailored to suit your gaming genre
  • Optimize eye comfort with a flicker-free screen.Response Time:1ms. Contrast ratio: 1000: 1 (typical)

Key Featuresof Dell S2417DG YNY1D 24-Inch Screen LED-Lit TN Gaming Monitor

  • Get twice times more visuals than the FHD resolution as it has QHD resolution for stunning clarity
  • With the optimally tailored modes, you will be able to suit your gaming genre
  • The flicker-free screen is made for optimizing eye comfort and protection
  • It has a 165 Hz refresh rate and 1 ms response time for having a better and optimized gaming
  • Looks stunning and surrounding as the display has a 16:9 aspect ratio and 24-inch longer

Amongst the best monitor for Nintendo switch, we have mentioned the top 2 above. If you are not interested to opt for those, then we have more to look for. This Dell Gaming Monitor S2417DG YNY1D is one of the most preferable ones at a decent budget to have. Let’s have a closer look at this Dell 24 inch monitor.

This Dell S2417DG YNY1D 24-Inch Screen monitor may be pretty much expensive rather than the upper ones. But regarding the features and quality, it is a robust monitor for having an optimized gaming Nintendo Switch console. The power-packed features in this Dell gaming monitor make it a smart choice for gaming. 

The 1440p display is a stunning display to have and the 165 Hz refresh rate makes it more smooth for gameplay. If you’re feeling comfortable with the budget then it’s the best one. Otherwise, we have many options for your downside. 

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4. Alienware AW2518Hf 25 inches Gaming Monitor – Best Gaming Monitor For Nintendo Switch

Alienware has come with some mythical power to lift up your gaming experience far better than ever. More than that, this gaming monitor from Alienware will provide you stunning clarity, visibility, and exoteric gameplay. Though the budget is much higher than the first one, it is pretty much lower than the above one of Dell. 

With a budget of fewer than 450 dollars, a 25-inch gaming monitor will be a smoky choice. But you can go for it if you prefer quality rather than the budget. This is a stunning gaming monitor to maximize your gaming speed, flow, and optimization. Let’s have a look at the inside look of Alienware AW2518Hf 25 inches Gaming Monitor.

Alienware 25 Gaming Monitor - AW2518Hf, Full HD @...
2,643 Reviews
Alienware 25 Gaming Monitor - AW2518Hf, Full HD @...
  • Designed for the enthusiast, the AW2518HF delivers a futuristic style and precise form with solid...
  • Lightning-fast 240Hz native refresh rate combined with 1ms response time delivers buttery-smooth...
  • Compatibility- All Operating System. AMD Free Sync eliminates choppy gameplay and broken frames with...

Key Features of Alienware AW2518Hf 25 inches Gaming Monitor

  • Provides lighting fast gaming experience as it has a 240 Hz refresh rate
  • With the stable and precise solid form, you can get an enthusiastic feel of gaming
  • Buttery smooth gameplay is ensured as it has 1 ms faster response time and no virtual lag
  • Compatible with nearly all operating systems from any framerate
  • Specific gaming on-screen display with 400 nits brightness makes your gaming on theme

This gaming monitor from Alienware is made for more stable performance while you are on the gaming streak. Don’t lose any moments since this Alienware AW2518Hf 25 inches Gaming Monitor is made for providing supreme gaming optimization. With the dynamic on-screen display, it is engineered for elevating your gaming. The budget may seem pretty higher, if you’re a hard gamer then it will be on your checklist for sure.

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5. BenQ ZOWIE RL2455S 24 inch 1080p Gaming Monitor

BenQ ZOWIE RL2455S 24 inch monitor is regarded to be a low-cost best monitor for Nintendo switch as it has handy adaptive brightness controls and built-in speakers for a supreme gaming experience. The brightness Intelligence Technology of this BenQ ZOWIE observes the sorts of light in your surroundings and instantly balances the brightness of your monitor perfectly at the optimum level.

It has anti-flickering and ignorable blue light properties that make more comfortable visuals so that it does not hurt your eyes, after hours of continuous gaming you won’t feel fatigued and lose energy. This is one of the best monitors for Nintendo Switch with a wide-angle screen for offering a clear and vivid view from any angle. The ultra-slim design makes it a considerable choice for gaming.

BenQ ZOWIE RL2455S 24 inch 1080p Gaming Monitor |...
1,812 Reviews
BenQ ZOWIE RL2455S 24 inch 1080p Gaming Monitor |...
  • 24" 1920 x 1080 (1080p) Full HD Display supporting up to 75 Hz (configure through GPU settings).
  • 1ms Response Time (GTG) to eliminate ghosting and lag, providing you the optimal console gaming...
  • Exclusive Color Vibrance and Black eQualizer technology to enhance color representation and visual...

Key Features Of BenQ ZOWIE RL2455S 24 inch 1080p Gaming Monitor

  • Comes with a 24 inch 1080 pixels Full HD display for crystal clear visuals 
  • It has a 75 Hz refresh rate and configuration with GPU settings for smooth visuals
  • For a lag and ghosting free butter-smooth gaming it has a 1 ms faster response time
  • Has Exclusive Color Vibrance and Black eQualizer technology to enhance color representation and visual clarity
  • Made with Flicker-free technology and a special bezel frame to minimize visual distractions and reduce eye strain

The BenQ RL series is launched with more sophisticated and precise technology to provide a lagging free gaming experience on your Nintendo Switch. For the pro gamers, it has a black equalizer to give you an unprecedented level of control and visibility for console gaming. Two HDMI ports are added through for delivering a long-lasting playtime. Though the budget is at a medium-range, it is a value for money purchase.

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6. AOC 27V2H 27″ Full HD 1920×1080 Ultra-Slim Monitor

With a slim and smart design, this AOC ultra-slim monitor is a suitable option for having stunning gaming visuals on Nintendo Switch. For gaming from a console like Nintendo Switch, you will definitely need a sort of monitor that has HDMI ports and a Full HD display to have the best experience ever. 

With the slim and sleek design with AMD free sync, you will be able to have the best visually stunning gaming experience from this monitor. It also has a tilt stand and vibrant IPS display thus enjoys an edge free, frameless gameplay. The budget within the features will be a modest budget to have these features at hand.

AOC 27V2H 27' Full HD 1920x1080 Ultra-Slim...
1,450 Reviews
AOC 27V2H 27" Full HD 1920x1080 Ultra-Slim...
  • AOC 27V2H 27" Led monitor with 1920x1080 full HD resolution at 75Hz refresh rate
  • Frameless, "hidden edge" Ips panel for wide-viewing angles without color loss
  • Rapid 5ms response time and 75Hz refresh rate with AMD Free Sync for smooth gaming experience

Key Features Of AOC 27V2H 27″ Full HD 1920×1080 Ultra-Slim Monitor

  • Made with a 27 inch full HD IPS display panel for providing vibrant visuals during gaming
  • Enjoy blazing fast gameplay with the 75 Hz refresh rate and 5 ms faster response time
  • The frameless IPS panel and the slim design makes your experience more comfortable
  • It has a frameless, “hidden edge” IPS panel for wide-viewing angles without color loss
  • Flicker-free and AOC LowBlue mode technology for long-lasting enjoyment

Within a decent budget under 300 dollars, a Full HD IPS panel display and 27-inch large-screen gaming monitor will be the best option to shift for. It has all the best features for experiencing the best ever gameplay in your Nintendo Switch.

This AOC ultra-slim monitor with tilt enabled smart viewing setup is not an overpriced monitor when compared with all the features and attributes. But if this budget doesn’t suit you either, then the Acer R240HY bidx will suit your pocket for sure.

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7. Asus VG245H 24 inch full HD 1080p 1ms Dual HDMI Eye Care Console Gaming Monitor

This is another budget-friendly monitor for playing games on your Nintendo Switch gaming console. This Asus gaming monitor is priced less than 200 dollars which won’t be a bad choice to shift for. Since this Asus VG245H, the 24-inch monitor has HDMI ports for making connections with your Nintendo Switch and a 1080p  Full HD display for better visuals of your gameplay, it won’t make you disappointed. 

When you consider a budget-conscious gaming monitor for better gaming from your gaming console, you may have thought about compromising the quality a little bit because of the affordable budget. But this monitor won’t let you miss anything while providing you the quality features within a reasonable budget. Let’s have a look at this budget-friendly monitor from Asus.

Asus VG245H 24 inchFull HD 1080p 1ms Dual HDMI Eye...
3,173 Reviews
Asus VG245H 24 inchFull HD 1080p 1ms Dual HDMI Eye...
  • 1ms response time Featuring ASUS game Fast input technology and dual HDMI ports for a smooth console...
  • ASUS Eye Care technology with flicker-free and blue light filter to minimize eye fatigue
  • Ergonomic stand with full height/tilt/swivel/pivot adjustments to accommodate any desk

Key Features Of Asus VG245H 24 inch full HD 1080p 1ms Dual HDMI Eyecare Console Gaming Monitor

  • It has a 24 inch large full HD 1080p display for better visuals in gaming
  • With 1 ms faster response rate and 75 Hz refresh rate, enjoy buttery smooth gameplay
  • To get a better experience in gaming console in has 2 HDMI ports included
  • For enhanced color and visual performance, it has GAME plus featured functions
  • Ensure blazing fast speed since it is packed with Freesync and adaptive sync in the wrap of a faster AMD Radeon processor Unit

To sum up the top 7 list, we have included this Asus monitor in the consideration of a reasonable budget tag and best features. Compared to the budget, the quality features are very much overwhelming to seduce one. The price is also under 200 dollars, which is a pretty decent budget tag for a monitor of such attributes. It may meet up your requirements, if not then our picked Acer gaming monitor is here with the cheapest budget tag.

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Final Recommendation

From the in-depth review of these monitors, one thing that you may have understood is the facts behind choosing a monitor are the features and the price. More of the price, sometimes the features got the propriety because the gaming monitor has to have those specific configurations to be played on Nintendo Switch. Amongst the best monitor for Nintendo switch gaming console, the cheaper and the most budget-friendly choices are the Acer R240HY bidx and Asus VG245H monitor.

Not always the cheaper ones are suitable for everyone. Because everyone has unique choices and budget requirements according to their capabilities and desires. The choice is up to you, cause all of the above mentioned monitors are great in overall performance and features. Some of them may seem very expensive in the price tag and others are cheaper than them. 

Before going to take the final decision let’s make the conception clear, don’t think that you have to shift to an expensive one for the best experience, the cheaper one may serve better in terms of quality and reliability. So, make your precious decision wisely.

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