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10 Best Trail Camera Under 100 Reviews in 2020

Last year, during the hunting season, Freddie went hunting with his fellow hunters. They were 4 friends in a group. Regarding their expertise in hunting, calling them pro would be too much. But don’t think they are new in this game. However, after the season, they could only manage to hunt 2 bucks and 5 rabbits which were far too less than their expectation.

So, they were searching for some tips and tricks and somehow contacted us in the process. We heard their stories and told them to try using trail cameras. They got some other tips for improvement but considered our recommendation too. Now, for experimenting, they didn’t want to spend much and also compromise much on features. 

That’s why we’ve researched concerning the best trail cameras under 100 and wrote an article to share the knowledge. If you’re new in hunting or want to do some experimenting or a professional, you will find at least one game camera that’ll serve your purpose.

Campark Trail T45 Game Camera

From our countless hours of research and reviewing experience, the Campark T45 is the best trail camera under 100. The reason for such a conclusion is given at the end of the reviews. This game camera is an all-rounder and meets every criterion that you need from a game camera.

Best Trail Camera Under 100 - Campark Trail T45 Game Camera

First of all, it has a powerful camera that can take 14MP crystal clear images and HD videos. Secondly, the sensors can trigger as fast as 0.3 seconds which ensures that it doesn’t miss the slightest chance of capturing a rare shot. Also, it has better night vision feature for clear images without disturbing the wildlife.

Finally, we can wrap up mentioning its waterproof, easy-to-operate, large display, up to 6 months of standby time, and better viewing angle features. Along with trail monitoring, you can also do wildlife photography, increase home security, and monitor your farm area. 

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Noticeable Features: 

  • The 14MP COMS sensor is capable of capturing 8MP and 14MP images and record the 1080P video.
  • It has a large 2.4-inch TFT LCD screen with 320*240 pixels for clearer view under sunlight.
  • The camera can trigger under 0.8 seconds and detects motion within 22 meters with a detection-angle of 120 degrees.
  • Its night vision capability depends on 3 IPR sensors and 42 IR invisible Flash LEDs that can take images within 22 meters.
  • The camera is waterproof complying with IP56 standard, runs on 8 batteries, and has mini USB 2.0 port.

Wildgame Innovations Terra Trail Camera

This is the most budget-friendly game camera on our list of best trail camera under 100. As the price is very low, it hasn’t got the specification of the high-end cameras. But you’ll get it as a camera that’ll serve you just right. 

Best Trail Camera Under 100 - Wildgame Innovations Terra Trail Camera

For perfect trail monitoring, you’ll need a camera that can serve you longer, reliably, and provide you clear images of the game. To match the criterion, this camera has an 8MP camera, energy-efficient design, and a reputation of serving on the field for years.

The night vision of this camera needs extra attention as the IR LEDs can illuminate, detect, and take pictures within 60 feet. We didn’t see such range even on high-end products. Also, the camera can trigger within 1 second which is fair enough.

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Noticeable Features: 

  • The camera can take images with quality up to 8MP and record HD video.
  • The 21 IR LEDs take clear pictures with invisible flash without spooking the target.
  • It supports SDHC cards for a maximum of 32 GB and can record up to 15 seconds for more information on the herd.
  • It runs on 8 AA batteries which can operate the device for long as it has an energy-efficient design.
  • The flash range of this device is 60 feet and can trigger within 1 second.

Stealth Cam G42NG Trail Camera

Till now, this is the longest range for detection and image-capturing capability of a game camera. The range is up to 100 feet and can provide a clear image even under low light with its Advanced Blur Reduction technology. Also, the sensors can trigger within 0.5 seconds of detection and takes less time to recover.

Best Trail Camera Under 100 - Stealth Cam G42NG Trail Camera

Regarding the image quality, it can take images with resolution up to 10MP and record HD videos with sound. To assist the camera, it has 42 black IR LEDs with no glow flash. So, it can take pictures without scaring the game away. Also, it has an external LCD display to see the status.

Moreover, it can take up to 9 images on every trigger for burst mode. Buying a MicroSD card of 32 GB and 8 AA batteries, you’ll be ready to go. 

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Noticeable Features: 

  • With its 10-megapixel camera, you can take images with the resolutions of 2MP, 4MP, 8MP, and 10 MP.
  • Also, you can record videos with audio from 5 seconds to a maximum of 180 seconds.
  • The 42 Black IR LEDs have a long-range invisible capability for up to 100 feet.
  • You can power it up with either 8 AA batteries or an external 12V battery for longer backup.
  • The housing of this device is strong and can withstand harsh weather.

Foxelli Trail Camera

Foxelli game camera has a great detection range and better image quality. Moreover, it has a wide camera angle, very fast triggering time, long-range and long battery life. The camera is so reliable that you can set it up on the spot and forget about it.

Best Trail Camera Under 100 - Foxelli Trail Camera


It’s possible because of this energy-efficient device runs on 4 or 8 AA-sized batteries. So, it can stay alive for a maximum of 8 months standing by. The package includes everything you need to set it in no time. 

Also, the large display and easy-to-navigate menu will help you see, manage, and customize images. This camera will help you in hunting, increasing your home and farm’s security, and do some wildlife monitoring.

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Noticeable Features: 

  • The resolution of the images taken by the camera is 14MP with supreme clarity at day and night.
  • This trail camera can record videos up to 10 minutes with sound and the video resolution is 1080P full HD.
  • The LCD color monitor is 2.4-inch and gives you easier menu browsing experience.
  • The 42 low glow IR LEDs can illuminate and detect up to 65 feet with 0.5 seconds triggering time.
  • By inserting a 32 GB MicroSD card and 8 AA batteries, you can be tensionless for up to 8 months if the camera is in standby mode.

Campark T70 Trail Camera

With IP66 waterproof technology and sturdy casing, this camera is built to last. We recommend the Campark T70 because you can buy it within your budget, install it, and forget about it. For years, you’ll be getting crisp images with high quality by changing batteries only.

Best Trail Camera Under 100 - Campark T70 Trail Camera

The 14MP camera can take high-resolution images and record 1080P HD videos with a wide-angle. However, the trigger time is less than 0.5 seconds and can be triggered by any moving object within 65 feet.

Though it runs on 8 AA batteries, you can add an external power source of 6V. If you buy solar panels and install them with rechargeable batteries, you can make the camera maintenance-free. The only time you’ll need to go near your camera is when its position is moved due to external force.

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Noticeable Features: 

  • With a 14MP camera, it can take images with as low resolution as 0.5 MP and up to 14MP.
  • Its large 2.4-inch color TFT LCD screen allows you to navigate menu options and see the captured images clearly.
  • It has 44 IR LEDs and a range of 22 meters for detection with triggering time within 0.5 seconds.
  • It has a strong outer shell which is also waterproof complying with IP66.
  • The device runs on 8 AA-sized batteries and features low discharge making it stand by for months.

Moultrie A-25 Trail Camera

Moultrie has built a reputation in the industry with their fresh and crisp images no matter what the weather and the time is. Having a good range, fast triggering, and powerful camera, this device can take still images even when the game is moving at a high speed. Also, you can be assured that you won’t miss any game within its resetting process.

Best Trail Camera Under 100 - Moultrie A-25 Trail Camera

The company has made some necessary accessories available for you to buy which will improve your camera’s performance. Moreover, adding a solar panel and rechargeable battery, you can eliminate the time to time maintenance. So, you just install it and forget about it right after installing it. Also, the casing is durable enough to withstand the harsh environment of your hunting zone.

Now, clicking the ling of this product, you’ll see very convincing pricing with discounts. The features we’re describing here don’t come in a device with such a price. So, go to Amazon and order the number of cameras that you need before the discount period is over.

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Noticeable Features: 

  • The invisible flash and detection range of this camera is 60 feet and the motion sensor triggers within 0.9 seconds.
  • You can take 720P HD video and image, even in low light, with its 12MP camera.
  • It runs on 8 AA-sized batteries with solar power compatibility which can last up to 17000 images which is huge.
  • The housing of this device can keep running as it’s made of high-quality sturdy material.
  • Moultrie game camera has multiple necessary accessories available which will enhance its performance and durability.

Browning Trail Camera

You may think of it as an overpriced ordinary camera. But this one stays ahead from others in terms of durability and reliability. You can install the camera of your desired location, check after months, and stay relaxed as it’ll keep doing its job without any complaint.

Best Trail Camera Under 100 - Browning Trail Camera

Also, you’ll get a lot of pro tips and suggestions from the company which will improve your skills in hunting. The design and outlook of the device get matched with nature easily and your game won’t realize its presence.

With better detection range and fast triggering feature, you can count on it. Many professionals have used it and none of them left empty-handed. So, have a better look and buy today.

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Noticeable Features: 

  • The high-speed motion sensor of this camera can capture anything that comes in front of it within 0.5 seconds.
  • It has a 14MP camera and can take HD videos with a resolution of 720P along with the sound.
  • The camera has a long flash range and detection range for up to 70 feet.
  • Also, you can set a picture delay of 5 seconds to 60 minutes and can choose burst shot mode for up to 4 images.
  • The device runs on 6 AA-sized batteries or you can add a 12-volt external power source too.

Moultrie M-50i Trail Camera

The main attraction of this game camera is that it has an illume-night 2 sensor which is a better version than illume-night used in Moultrie A-40. So, this is the best trail camera under 100 from Moultrie. Or we can say it’s slightly above the range of 100 dollars. Moreover, it has a better range and a more powerful camera.

Best Trail Camera Under 100 - Moultrie M-50i Trail Camera

As a result, you’ll get very good clearer images even if the game is a bit far without disturbing any creature. The unique sensor for Moultrie ensures the best image quality you can get in the nighttime.

Another feature we like about it is that it has mobile compatibility. It means that you can be connected the device wirelessly and get instantaneous updates from the device while hunting. So, you can get your game trophy for sure at the end of the day with this amazing camera.

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Noticeable Features: 

  • Along with a 20MP camera, the device has an illume-night 2 sensor which ensures the brightest and clearest image even in the night.
  • Also, the device can record videos with audio if you insert a 32 GB MicroSD card.
  • The amazing range of its IR invisible flash and motion detection can work within 80 feet.
  • This has one of the fastest triggering speeds with 0.3 seconds and can take a perfect game image even when it’s moving.
  • The camera is mobile compatible so that you can get instantaneous updates of the image capturing of a target.

Stealth Cam PX12 Trail Camera

This is a great camera from Stealth Cam which includes sturdy housing and some great specifications. Though the product specification is not up to the mark of this best trail camera under 100 lists, you can still consider it for some reason. Firstly, it has a more than an acceptable price tag. Secondly, you can rely on the performance of the camera for years to come. It’s because of its housing which can withstand extreme weather.

Best Trail Camera Under 100 - Stealth Cam PX12 Trail Camera

So, if you’re a professional hunter, you’ll need a camera that you can rely on more than anything. And this one will not fail you with its good quality camera and 12 IR emitters. Also, the device can provide a maximum of 6 images per burst upon detecting a game.

Get this camera today to know the characteristics of the herd in your hunting area and stay one step ahead of other hunters.

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Noticeable Features: 

  • Stealth Cam PX12 has a 6MP camera making it just enough as a game camera with 15 seconds of video recording time.
  • The camera includes 12 IR LEDs that emit invisible flash for up to 50 feet and that’s also the range for motion detection.
  • With the camera’s burst mode, you can have a maximum of 6 images per trigger and it takes approximately 1 minute to recover.
  • The ultra-durable housing has an external LCD display with test mode and low battery signaling option.
  • With a maximum of 32 GB external memory and 8 AA batteries, you can run the device for months.

Moultrie A-40 Trail Camera

This model from Moultrie is standing out from the crowd with its illume-night sensor and long-range for flash and detection. It makes the night images far better, clearer and brighter than other camera sensors. 

Best Trail Camera Under 100 - Moultrie A-40 Trail Camera

So, you’re getting a powerful 14MP camera with improved technology to capture better images even in the night and the game is moving. The fast triggering gets into action within 0.7 seconds of motion detection within 70 feet. For that reason, you’ll not miss anything for even a fraction of a second.

Another advantage of having this device is that it supports wireless connectivity and can be connected with your mobile. So, when a game moves in front of your camera, you’ll get an instant notification and you can reach the spot as quickly as possible.

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Noticeable Features: 

  • The Moultrie A-40 has a 14 MP camera that can take the clearest image even in the nighttime because of its illume-night sensor.
  • It has an improved flash and detection range which works up to 70 feet.
  • With a fast triggering speed of 0.7 seconds, you can rely on the camera that it’ll not miss anything.
  • In addition, the camera has wireless technology that offers mobile updates within seconds whenever a picture is taken.
  • To run the device, you’ll need to buy 8 AA batteries that can last up to 17000 images.

Which one is the best trail camera under 100 and why?

From our list of 10 game cameras, we have selected Campark T45 Trail Game Camera as the best trail camera for the money and Wildgame Innovations Terra Trail Camera has the lowest price for a trail camera in our list. Why is that? Let’s find out the reasons.

  • The first thing you need to know which characteristics are required in a camera that’ll declare it as the best. In this review, we’ve set a target that the cameras must be under 100. So, this is our first criteria.
  • After filtering out, we’ll see that some cameras didn’t make it as they fall slightly over our budget. Otherwise, a camera from that filtered-out group would be the best.
  • Then, we need to consider camera quality, triggering speed, detection and flash range, battery backup, the strength of the housing, and more. All these parameters are necessary for aiding my successful hunting season.

Now, let’s see if our chosen game camera meets the criterion that we’ve just mentioned.

  • The camera is well under our budget. So, it checks out the first parameter.
  • After that, we need to consider the quality of the camera. We’ve checked real-life images and specifications and concluded that it has the best camera within the price.
  • Also, other parameters like triggering speed, range, or battery backup passed our filter with grade-A. With the standby mode, it can stay alive for up to 6 months.
  • Moreover, the camera has an easy-to-use menu, settings, and a large TFT LCD display. So, you’ll not face any complexity configuring the device. 
  • Also, the camera’s versatile usability will allow you to install it for different purposes. You can improve your successful hunting probabilities, increase the security of your house and farm, or you can do some wildlife photography for fun or educational purpose.

So, undoubtedly, we can say that Campark T45 Trail Game Camera is the best trail camera under 100. 

Another camera has been named in this part to have the lowest price. Don’t go away thinking it’s a cheap and low-quality product. We’ve reviewed it and saw that it meets the standard with an added benefit of a low price. So, you can seriously consider it if your requirements meet with this low-end game camera.

What are the tips and tricks to using a trail camera?

Using a game camera is not a hard process, however, it is a tricky one, especially at the time of installation and configuration. Therefore, let’s have a look at the tips and tricks, as they will make the use of trail cameras easier, faster and more efficient.

Label the cameras and configure the GPS so you know which one to go to and fix, instead of wasting time and effort scouring acres and acres of land to find a single camera that malfunctioned.

Find the right angle before deciding the where to position the cameras exactly. Check to see where the camera has the clearest view that is right at the center of the trail or in a clearing that you know animals are bound to visit. Also, avoid places that are directly facing the direction of the wind, to avoid coming up with empty photographs taken due to the false trigger of the cameras.

Secure the camera and set the time lapse. Position between branches, or anywhere it is obscured from view so thieves don’t get a hold of them. Also, it is best to set the setting in a combination of time-lapse and trail modes.

Mount the camera above eye level, so not only it is out of reach of children, but it can also capture the whole area, Also, reduce any sounds that alert the animals on the presence of the camera.

Do not check the camera every few days. Visiting the spot every 3 to 4 weeks is okay. However, frequent visits may disturb the habitat, which will make the animals in the area avoid that spot, so the spot for the camera would again have to be decided. Animals have very sharp senses which allow them to detect their prey, any sort of danger, or simply any foreign and unusual presence. 

If you want to take great shots of animals then the best idea is to create bedding spots near a food source so the animals stop to bed there instead of just pass from in front of the cameras. Give them a reason to stay.

Always be sure to use a no-glow feature for the night. The light can disturb animals or even alarm them at night so always be sure to use a no-glow or infrared camera.

If you don’t want to miss any activity of the animals, you can always shift to the option of video to record the entire happening to get good footage, instead of a few photographs.

Follow these tips and tricks, and be very vigilant about what and how you should tackle matters related to the options for best trail camera for cellular network. If you act smart, you will not lose sight of your pretty, get your camera stolen or broken, and even have some fun, not to mention, you will get some amazing shots and candid photographs of the rarest to most common animals present in the region.

Final Words

In the end, we don’t want to repeat the features and specifications of those trail cameras. Remember that the best trail camera under 100 dollars won’t be so effective for you unless you install and use it properly. So, follow our chosen products, see if they fit your situation, and order today. Not into buying mood? Then, question yourself that is it worth your time and effort during the hunting season and come back empty-handed saving a few bucks on the trail cameras?

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