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Emeril Lagasse Power Airfryer 360 Plus Reviews

Since in the TV shows there have been numerous advertisements and infomercials about Emeril Lagasse Power Airfryer, so you may have been familiar with it already. From the touch of the expert hands of Chef Emeril Lagasse, enjoy delicious mouth-watering dishes that will make your taste buds chant. Let’s dive deep into Emeril Lagasse Power Airfryer 360 plus review and see if it’s worth the hype!

Emeril Lagasse Power Airfryer 360 Plus Reviews

Emeril Power AirFryer 360 plus is not just an air fryer oven, it has a variety of abilities to deliver your desired food. It comes with the functions of six different kitchen appliances thus it will save both of your space, time, and money.

Moreover, the sleek designed Emeril also has a large space in the interior that can prepare a lot in one shot. Let’s see if the performance matches or not with the stylish looks.

At A Glance Emeril Lagasse Power AirFryer 360 Convection Oven

  • Comes with 12 preset cooking functions that allow you to cook whatever you want in a hassle-free way
  • Utilize it for cooking your favorite dishes since it comes as a 9 in 1 air fryer
  • Quick-cooking technology and five super-powerful heating elements make it better than ordinary convection ovens
  • Get chef-quality premium dishes within 40% faster than regular ovens by little efforts
  • An LCD display, as well as other accessories, defines it as a versatile oven for extra productivity

Comparison Between Emeril Lagasse Power AirFryer 360 And Cuisinart TOA-60 Convection Toaster Oven

Having a glance at a comparison or differentiation allows one to have a greater and better concept of things. Let’s have a look at the comparison between two nearly similar featured convection ovens: Emeril Lagasse Power Air fryer 360 vs Cuisinart Air Fryer Toaster oven.​​

Emeril Lagasse Power AirFryer 360 Convection OvenCuisinart TOA-60 Convection Toaster Oven
Emeril Lagasse Power Air Fryer 360
Cuisinart TOA-60 Convection Toaster Oven
Emeril Power Airfryer 360 is a 1500 watts countertop oven that can cook foods 40% faster than conventional ovensCuisinart TOA-60 is an 1800 watts convection oven that ensures better and faster cooking than regular ovens
For a wide range of cooking it comes with 12 cooking functions: air fry, bake, rotisserie, dehydrate, toast, reheat, roast, broil, bagel, pizza, slow cook, and Warm/ reheatComes with 7 functions- air fry, convection bake, convection broil, bake, broil, warm, and toast for versatile cooking
Built with a larger interior capacity of 930 cubic inches that can cook bigger meals in a single flowComes with a 0.6 cubic feet non-stick interior with oven light that can hold up to large turkeys and other big meals easily
The 5 all over-heating elements and 360-degree cooking technology ensures evenly cooked dishesIt comes with an adjustable thermostat with a 60-minute timer and auto-shutoff, toast shade selector-timer all combine for a faster and evenly cooked dish
With an overall dimension of 19 inches in length, 15 inches in width, and 9.5 inches in height it suits every countertop smartlyDoesn’t takes extra space for your kitchen since it is 15.50 inches in length, 16 inches in width, 14 inches in height 

What Users Are Saying About  Emeril Lagasse Power AirFryer 360 Convection Oven

First of all, Emeril Lagasse 360 has a burst of 5 different heating elements that makes the total thing a game-changer. All those heating elements with the 360 degrees all-around perfect heating ensure the juiciness and the taste of the dish.

From the speech of users, it performs far better as a convection oven rather than an Airfryer. Moreover, the utilities that it comes with regards one of the best ones that one needs in a smart kitchen. 

Above all the positive sides, this Emeril cooking master has some drawbacks that you may not notice until you use it since these issues appear while using. Beginning with the heating issue, it comes with a glossy metal body and during the cooking, the outer metal body becomes so hot that it may leave you injured by burning.

The rotisserie is also not strong enough to hold decent turkeys and chickens. Other than all these split drawbacks it is an all-in-one cooking chef for delivering you tasty dishes.

Key Features Of Emeril Lagasse Power Airfryer 360 Convection Oven

Better Utility 

When it comes to utilizing a kitchen appliance to its utmost, Emeril Lagasse 360 Airfryer can be a great example. Since it comes with 12 preset functions that allow cooking a versatile range of dishes, it leaves no question about the utility space.

More than that it is a 9-in-1 convection oven that allows you to do different sorts of cooking strategies for making the best out of it. You can fry, broil, bake, roast, toast, slow cook, make pizza, warm foods, and much more with it. 

All-rounder Performance 

In terms of performance, Emeril Lagasse has different and smart technologies. First of all, it has a smart 5-way heating ability that can make your favorite food preparation a lot easier.

Furthermore, it has a 360-degree heating feature enabled, that provides heat all over the food and makes it juicy, tender, and tasty. To mention, Emeril Power Airfryer 360 is a 1500 watts countertop oven that can cook foods 40% faster than older ovens. 

Easy To Use

Using it has never been a sweat-breaking task since it comes with all intuitive controls and methods. All those above-mentioned attributes are with it to make the usage more smooth and effortless for you.

All those preset functions are named in big letters so that one can find all of them easily. After the cooking period, you will have to do less stuff to clean all the parts since all the parts are made dishwasher safe for ease.

FAQs About Emeril Lagasse Power Airfryer 360 Plus Convection Oven

Q. How large of a chicken will fit on the rotisserie?

Because of the spinning movement of the Rotisserie spit, it is not suggested to place anything bigger than a 4-pound chicken upon the spit. The inner capacity of the exact unit can take up to a 10 to 12-pound bird while cooking, not while located on the Rotisserie spit.

Q. Is the interior stainless or non-stick?

It is not stainless and it’s not Teflon and it’s not non-stick but it is a coated steel interior like so many other toaster ovens, it resembles cleaning up easily but over time it will darken. Cleaning it is far easier than others as the door is tempered with glass and that is the area that mostly gets stained from spills or dropping stuff on it.

Q. Does it fit a standard 9 x 13 baking pan?

The answer is, it won’t fit with a standard 9 x 13 baking pan. Rather you can use the baking pan that is included inside the box. 

Final Verdict

If you’re someone who is looking to sort out and decorate your kitchen countertop by replacing multiple cooking appliances with an all-rounder one, then this Emeril countertop convection oven is going to be a handy tool for you. By far the Emeril Lagasse Power Airfryer 360 plus review you have surely got the concept of what this oven is for and who it suits best?

The budget point of view is great since it is under 200 dollars, and has quality specs. Go for it without any doubt if you have an adequate budget and the aforementioned requirements.

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