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Gowise Air Fryer Oven 12.7 Quart Reviews

GoWise has a great reputation, you can check the GoWise electric air fryer oven if you are desperate to have one for your kitchen. These days Gowise USA GW44800 is the best choice for the customers. We’ve reviewed this fryer and this guide will tell you every inch detail of this product to make your buying decision easier

Gowise Air Fryer Oven 12.7 Quart Reviews

It has some of the best features that make this fryer different from others. The touchscreen makes this fryer easy to use & clean, you will get the nice flavor of the food you want.

Compared to other oven fryers, this works quickly. So from now on, you can eat your favorite dish in a matter of time if you choose one of the GoWise air fryer reviews. Okay, let’ get into the discussion.

Noticeable features of Gowise air fryer oven 12.7-quart

  • The cooking space is 12.7 quarts that include 3-rack levels.
  • This oven air fryer comes with 10 accessories to provide cooking easier.
  • You will get 15 presets on the screen.
  • One recipe book contains 50 recipes.
  • 1-year warranty from the date of purchase.

Compared Gowise USA GW44800-O deluxe  Vs Yedi Total Package Air Fryer Oven XL 12.7 Quart

GoWise and Yedi air fryer have the same 12.7 Quart space that makes them the largest fryer on the market. But they are easy to fit on your countertop also, save space. You can make anything you love to eat in these two fryers. Yedi comes with the dehydrator while the GoWise also has this.

Compared Gowise USA GW44800-O deluxe  Vs Yedi Total Package Air Fryer Oven XL 12.7 Quart

The main difference between GoWise and Yedi is in the presets. GoWise includes 15 presets, on the other hand, Yedi doesn’t have this. GoWise provides 10 accessories while the Yedi provides 11 accessories.

GoWise has a one-year warranty and the Yedi has two years of warranty. Yedi air fryer oven xl is a little pricey than GoWise – we’d suggest you buy GoWise.

This will provide you with 15 presets that are very handy in terms of cooking. Yet if you can afford or want more warranty, then choose the Yedi air fryer oven.

What Users are Saying About Gowise USA Air Fryer Oven GW44800-O deluxe

Gowise USA GW44800-O deluxe has many positive reviews. This is a versatile air fryer oven plus this is capable of making a meal quickly than other fryers. People who have a small family, they’re enjoying making different items in this since this is perfect for a small family.

What Users are Saying About Gowise USA Air Fryer Oven GW44800-O deluxe

People on a budget love this amazing fryer as they bought this at an affordable price and it provides a better warranty. The good control panel that is in the top/front with full oven functions gives a compact and cute look on the countertop.

The user can make different meals, such as – fish steak, chicken nuggets, spring rolls, etc. This gadget makes party meal preparation easier – this is another reason the users love this product. They throw anything they love to eat, the fryer never disappoints them

But in terms of selecting the preset, the user needs to press all the buttons to get the preferred one – this is sometimes annoying. Otherwise, this is an amazing product plus the GoWise user highly recommends others to buy this product who are seeking an air fryer oven.

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Key Features of Gowise 12.7 QT Air Fryer

Let’s discuss the features of the GoWise air fryer oven –

Touch screen

The user can use the touch screen with a wet hand, this is safe. And the screen provides easy to operate the machine. The screen has easy to read control display that contains everything you need.

You can manually set the temperature and time as well and once the meal is done, the fryer will shut off automatically.

15 presets

Presets are very convenient when it comes to using the machine. GoWise provides 15 presets that make sure you can walk away just by pressing the button. Rotisserie, Dehydrator, toast, pizza, baked potato, keep warm, defrost, fish, chicken, steak, frozen food, wings, fries, vegetables – these are the presets. When you need to use any preset, you have to press the button manually.


The versatile use makes this air fryer oven famous to people. From fries to toast to pizza to desserts, this machine can produce anything you love to eat. Also, this will less time rather than other fryers on the market. You can eat your favorite meal in no time.

Easy to clean

The stainless steel parts and non-stick pans are very easy to clean as they are dishwasher safe. After you are done making food, soak the fryer’s removable parts soak in the warm soapy water. And then using a brush scrub them and rinse with water properly.


Regular cleaning makes an appliance durable, so always clean your air fryer properly and maintain it. GoWise air fryer comes with a one-year warranty, also, this can last for many years to come.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) About Gowise 12.7 qt air fryer

Q. What are the dimensions of this GoWise oven fryer?

11.5 x 12 x 14 inches is the dimensions of this amazing air fryer.

Q. How well does it make vegetables air frying?

It makes crispy and delicious air fry and during the frying session, you don’t need to flip the veggies.

Q. Is it easy to clean?

This kitchen appliance is very simple to clean. At the bottom of this fryer, there is a tray that collects juices or crumbs so the cleaning is very simple. 

Q. Can I set the timer and temperature manually?

Yes, you can set them manually.

Q. What is the temperature range of this air fryer?

120 degrees up to 430 is the temperature range of this air fryer.

Final Verdict

Recently, Gowise Air Fryer Oven 12.7 Quart is very popular with customers for its amazing features. The 15 presets to make cooking easier in this fryer, and easy to use & clean means you have time to spend with your loved one.

This is a decent fryer for the price. Warranty is also better for this air fryer. If you really want to buy one air fryer oven, this would be the best choice for you.

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