How Long Do MacBook Pros Last?

Just how pricey MacBooks are, any users would like to avoid replacing it as long as possible. But just how long does a MacBook Pro last? How much should you expect? With aging, most of the Macs start showing issues like freeze when working, slow speed, sudden shutdowns, batteries no longer hold charge etc.

You may be able to fix them, but after a point, repairing your MacBook is no longer avail, and you need a replacement. And also, after sometimes Apple stops supporting old operating systems which throw you security in the palm of hackers. Here we will address this problem, as well, give you some advice to keep your Mac safe and use it for a longer time.

What Apple Say About This Topic

With Apple supporting the systems, it esteemed that MacBook Pros with proper care can last for around eight to ten years. After that you have to consider replacing you long old friend, the MacBook. 

How Long Do MacBook Pros Last

Here, you have to consider if you are going to fix you faulty MacBook, will Apple still is providing the necessary parts for the MacBook? Generally Apple stop manufacturing parts for Macs which exceeds seven-years time period.

Now, let’s look at some numbers that can give us a tangible answer about this topic. 

  • Most of the professional MacBook Pro users like to update or replace their laptops every 3 years.
  • MacBook Pro has an average lifetime of 5-7 years.
  • There are Many MacBooks operating properly even after 10-12 years.
  • MacBook’s 90% hard drives last for at least 3 years.
  • MacBook’s Hard drives can last for 3-5 years according to some reports.

Facts That Will Determine MacBook Longevity

Some factors control the MacBook’s longevity. Depending on them, you can expect your MacBook’s life-time.

What Do You Use It For?

What is the main use of your MacBook? Did you buy it for working or entertainment? Do you play heavy graphic games? How long you use it daily? If you use your MacBook more than 4-5 hours a day, it’s going to have a negative effect on your laptop. 

Because of heavy uses, you are putting strain and stress on the all of its components. And, battery is the first to suffer. So, it’s recommended to update the battery in every 2-3 year.

Do You Maintain It Well?

To properly run your computer you need regular cleaning and maintenance. Without cleaning your MacBook regularly dust can accumulate on the keyboard and go inside though open vents, making its functioning interrupted. 

Do You Take Care Of It Properly?

When you are not using the laptop what you do with it? Do you just leave it lying on the desk? It’s necessary to protect it from dust and other pressure. So, while carrying it, try to be safe and stay away from pressuring it. 

Things That Will Affect MacBook Lifespan

Keeping It Clean

If you work with your laptop in coffee shops or outside anywhere, it likely there accumulated dust and gunk over your keyboard and speaker. If you do not clean them once in a while, you risk them getting in important sensitive parts which could lead to decrease your MacBook lifespan. 

Maintaining Regularly

Regular maintenance can speed up your slow laptop several times. Run Disk Utility to repair startup disk and to keep driver performance at peak. Always remove the unnecessary apps and software for free space and update them when available. Try to delete junk files regularly as they occupy too much disk space if you don’t delete them regularly. 

Using Battery

Many user use their laptop when plugged in as it doesn’t require caring about charging the battery. But it’s not good for your battery as it doesn’t get use. So, let the battery serve its purpose.

Upgrading Hardware

To keep up with the up to date software and games, you need to upgrade your pieces of hardware sometimes. With upgraded hardware you get a faster and stronger computer. Hardware upgrades include RAM, processor, SSD and graphics card upgrade. Although you yourself can install a new ram but for others you need an expert to do that.

Fix Your MacBook Pro or Buy A New One?

When making a decision like should you fix your MacBook Pro or buy a new one, you should ask yourself a few questions first. Like, what’s the problem with it? How many years you are using it? Does buying a new one even worth much? Other than that you have three alternatives.

  • If your MacBook Pro is in the obsolete category, it’s better to think buying new one as the part of the MacBook no more manufactured by apple. Normally after 7-8 years Apple stop manufacturing old Macs parts.
  • If you are using your MacBook less than three year you should consider fixing the problem, of course if it is possible. Usually it should still be under warranty. 
  • In case, you are using it more than three years, then it depends on how big the issue is. 

After knowing those points, you should get an idea what should you do. As MacBook is extremely pricey it is not bad to not buy a new one until you actually need one.

Upgrade It Or Buy A New One?

This is the same situation as the above. Upgrading the components should be start after 3 years as your warranty ends then. The first component to update is Battery as it bear the most strain and pressure. However, you are actually fixing the battery not upgrading it (make sense if you think). You can Upgrade SSD, RAM, fans and speakers. But it makes no sense, to update an old machine which will be still old but the cost goes up.

When Should You Buy A New MacBook?

If you are thinking about upgrading it most likely for not keeping up with the modern system.  Let’s see some point when you should replace your old MacBook and buy a brand-new one. 

Can’t Run The Latest Version Of MacOS 

If your laptop can’t update to the latest version of macOS means that it’s going to be obsolete. So, you are not getting any new mac features. Although you can still use it for a while. But soon it will stop getting security update and may be third party software will stop working. So, it will be time to think for your new MacBook. 

Lack Of Free Space

The up to dated apps, files, photos, videos everything is constantly eating more space. It’s causing most of the old MacBook user a huge headache. 

Although you can constantly delete the unimportant files or add external hardwares, but it also has its limits. With them even if you can free some amount of space but ultimately you have to buy a new MacBook to solve this problem once for all.

Components Aren’t Powerful

Like storage disk, every component losing its edge against technology advance. Lack of Ram will prevent you from running many applications at once, even some application will not run. Editing 4K videos almost impossible with old CPU. Overall the whole computer will suffer from it.

Just like before, using various method you can increase them but once it reached its end, nothing will work. And if you think about it, professional hardware update and battery replacement almost cost near a new machine.

Heavy Hardware Damages

It’s obvious if your MacBook suffered a physical damage you need to fix it or replace it. Just we discuss on the above topics, it depends on the damage level what you should do. Should you buy a new MacBook or fix the old one? But if the damage is severe it’s better to update it.

Frequent Software Issues

Probably the most annoying thing working with an old MacBook is the software issues. It’s really frustrating when you do all your work but before you can save it, the machine suddenly froze or shutdown itself.

For those problems, try to reinstall macOS or other solutions but if they don’t work there is no meaning in keeping it.

Final Verdict

From the above discussion, we learn the answer ‘how long can a MacBook last’. From our discovery, you know it’s not as straightforward answer as one may think. There are several factors you had to consider before having your answer. Normally an advance user not like to use their MacBook more than 3 years. But general public can use for 5-8 years without anything worrying.

Now you know, taking care of your computer like cleaning dust externally and internally, regular maintenance can play a substantial role to increase your MacBook’s lifespan. Proper use also matters a lot when it comes to MacBook lifespan.

You should also know now when to replace your MacBook or when to upgrade its hardwares. There should be no unanswered question about these regards. Well then, it’s time to say you goodbye and stay well until we meet again.

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