10 Ways How To Hide A Camera In Your Car

If you are decided about keeping an extra pair of vigilant eyes on your beloved car to catch the sights of untrustworthy behaviors or criminal acts including vandalism or theft without being unnoticed by unexpected intruders while parking or driving, you are likely to get reliable answers to the question asking, How to hide a camera in your car.

A tricky installment of the surveillance camera allows you to spy on how other people are using your car or to catch the glimpse of a car thief or a whimsical car wrecker.

How To Hide A Camera In Your Car

To get agreeable ideas about adopting the propitious utility of the spying camera in the close quarters of a vehicle, you may apply the clever tips out of 10 ways to hide a camera in your car that has been enlisted below along with some recommended products as the best examples:

1. Ensure the proper placement of the car security camera to keep your watch hidden but the operative

To adopt skillful maneuvering of the car surveillance camera, you have to ensure the proper placement of it in the enclosed area of your car. For example, if the camera is installed on the dashboard, facing the driver’s seat, you will have the scope of catching the glimpse of the face of a car thief or any unwanted and mischievous handling of your car done by anyone except you, sitting in the driver’s seat. The spying camera positioned somewhere in the back of the front seat will watch any shenanigans you expect to spot.

2. Camouflage your camera with any of the decorative pieces placed in the car:

To have an easy but creative watch on the unexpected intrusions in your car, you may disguise the spying camera in any of the decorative objects that the passengers are unlikely to move. You may choose the options including sunglass clips on the overhead flaps, bobble-head sculptors on the dash, large objects hanging from the rearview mirror or reusable trash bags hanging behind the front seats.

3. Insert your camera by slipping it into the parts of the car:

How To Hide A Camera In Your Car

You may slip the car spying camera into the parts of the car itself. You may infix it into the back of the front seat or a seat cushion or inside vents or speakers to hide it from the usual views of the passengers inside the car. This trick might take a bit more work, but the successful insert will be the most secure way to hide a camera that won’t be detected or displaced. 

4. Secure the network access of your car reserved in parking areas:

The act of securing solid network access is a reliable way to meet the urgency of having views of the videos or getting motion alerts to catch the glimpse of a burglar trying to break into your car, being reserved in the distant parking areas. To set in the way, you need to hide your camera with the facilities of ensuring network connection on both your phone and the car surveillance camera installed into your car.

You are to adopt the way in the places like detached garages, driveways, outside on the street, down the alley, underground parking lot, or apartment parking areas where you may not be under the coverage of network access or the network coverage may not be strong. In such an odd situation, you may use a Wi-Fi signal booster to enhance the signal for Wi-Fi car monitoring cameras.

5. Ensure night vision to keep a vision in utter darkness:

For an automated guard system built in the car itself to ensure a clear watch on your parked car overnight, you should go for the car spying cameras, especially those featuring clear night vision. You may hide your camera facing out windows looking down to the parking areas in an apartment complex, balcony, driveway, or rental house during the day, or sitting on the window overlooking cars parked down the alley or roadside at night.

While adopting the way to hide a camera in your car, you should ensure the car security camera is not pointed directly at the glass window at night as it is likely to obscure the view because of the IR glare.

Both 1080P FHD Front and Rear Dual Lens Dash Cam 

To ensure your car is under round protection against scratches or collisions you can go for the Dual Lens Dash Cam. Being equipped with a Novatek chip and Sony sensor, the Dash Cam is an ideal choice for a surprisingly effective beholder of night vision.

For having the feature of Super Hawkeye Night Vision, the Dash Cam can get clearer footage and image than other Dash Cams at night. Both the front and rear cameras adopt an F1.8 aperture and high dynamic range (HDR).

The former lets more light come in, the latter adjusts the imaging. It is a superb device to catch the glimpse of the car license plate number even in low light.

Featuring a reserved GPS interface, this driving recorder can record your driving track, speed and longitude and latitude data after being connected with an installed GPS Antenna.

Both the front and rear lens are 170°wide angle. So this dash cam provides a much wider vision. 6 lanes of the Dash Cam can be covered and the blind spot can be reduced to a great extent.      

6. Install a fake camera to hide the car security camera:

Installation of a fake camera is a clever way to hide the security camera in your car. You can purchase an extra dummy security camera online or at hardware stores and design a fake security system in your car.

The clever trick will serve as a visible deterrent to carry away the attention of the actual security camera hide in your car and be on guard of your car in any place under any circumstances to trust your transparent willingness to keep watch on the embarrassing handling of your car made by your close mates or the unwanted intruders.

VAVA Dash Cam 2K Wi-Fi Car DVR 2560×1440 30fps Clear QHD Video Dashboard Camera 

The excellently built-in camera with the unique design and 360̊ Capture is a superb choice for recording the front, sides, and even inside of the cars as it swivels with its wide-angle lens covering up to 5 lanes.

The amazing feature of the built-in mic allows you to record audio. Purchasing a GPS module separately for GPS tracking will offer you the facilities of the iOS & Android preview, download, edit, and share videos with your friends.

With the feature of Superior OHD Dash Cam, the sensor paired with 6 glass lenses, and an infrared lens, the VAVA Dash Cam can capture the number plates of cars. Mind it has the limitation of it not being able to be remotely controlled.  

For the tremendous feature of the 3-axis G-sensor, the dashcam is able to detect collisions and capture footage for up to 20s. The built-in battery of the camera allows for G-senor-activated recordings in parking mode.

7. Buy a smaller-sized security camera to mask your camera inside an enclosure:

There is little doubt of the fact that a bulky or a large camera is less convenient to be concealed in plain sight. The smaller your camera, the easier it will be to hide in the enclosed area of your car.

You can hide the small-sized camera easily inside any of the enclosures used in your car like the tissue box, the alarm clock, or the sunflower in a flowerpot, and mask your clever security system.

8. Use a wireless camera to hide it in plain sight:

For an easier in-fixation of the car security cameras, you should go for the choice of having a wireless camera and hide it by giving it a simple look of one of the daily used things.

Though being more expensive, a wireless camera is much easier to hide by blending the sight of the spying camera into the background, rendering it invisible. For example, you may place the car security camera surrounding other gadgets like a router, speaker, and smart picture frame kept in the front panel of the car.

9. Install the best Car Spy/Hidden Camera:

The way of hiding a surveillance camera by installing the best car spy/hidden cameras functioning as one of the essential accessories of the car is one of the most popular tricks to adopt.

For example, a motion-activated camera functions as a power charger, a book, smartphone holder, black box, mirror, key fob, or the like small fixtures. You may slip the spy camera into a car’s rear mirror, car windshield, or roof to help record the activities for overnight parking.

Crosstour Dash Cam 1080P FHD DVR Car Dashboard Camera Video Recorder

Wow to the amazing feature of the SONY 2M CMOS Sensor of the Crosstour Dash Cam that allows it to create a high definition recording besides ensuring vivid pictures and excellent night vision. The nameplates of cars, as well as street signs, can be clearly captured day and night for a great feature.

The 6 glass fixed-focus ultra-wide lens of 170°, as one of the surprising components of the dashcam, allows you to record more detailed and clear views. Yes, you can record 4 lanes of traffic and capture better scenery.

With 2 infrared night vision lights, the dashcam offers you to make an astonishing capture of every smaller detail which cannot be seen while driving at night. The built-in Wide Dynamic Range(WDR) of the camera is able to restore the true colors of objects to the greatest extent. You can also press the power button to manually lock the files being recorded in an emergency situation.

Featuring the 3 METERS MOTION DETECTION DASH CAM you can record the movement of any subjects moving within the range of 3 meters of the car. The recording is auto-stopped if there is no movement within 10 seconds.

10. Go for the camera that uploads cloud storage:

The act of ensuring the preservation of the recorded footage even of the damaged camera is a highly recommended way to hide the camera with its best output of surveillance in your car.

To act out the way you should go for a camera that automatically uploads videos to cloud storage so that you won’t lose important footage, recorded in your camera even if it is tempered or gets destroyed.


The act of hiding a camera in your car is a clever but crucial way to keep your car on guard though the act of spying with a hidden camera might raise some tricky ethical issues in general.

Make sure that you are aware of the relevant laws and regulations in question before you have adopted the clever ways to hide a camera in your car to keep constant surveillance and to minimize the risks of your car is lost or damaged.

All of these concealment solutions are incredibly easy to attain. Some of the ingenious ways require you to pop a camouflage onto your camera itself, while others involve a bit of construction work, but overall the act of hiding a camera in your car claim the basic requirement of applying creativity on your part.

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