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Innsky Air Fryer Reviews

An air fryer is an essential kitchen appliance especially for people who love eating fried food. On the market, different air fryers are available and the Innsky air fryer is one of them that is very popular recently. I’ve reviewed this air fryer and will cover the whole thing about this fryer.

Innsky Air Fryer Reviews


The Innsky 5.8qt air fryer provides healthy food since it can cook oilless meal also, this fryer provides easy use and clean. Read on the whole guide and then make your buying decision.

Noticeable features of Innsky air fryer XL

  • The Innsky air fryer has 1700W power
  • 7 presets, LED Digital Touchscreen & Preheat
  • Comes with a recipe book contains 32 recipes
  • The basket can fit a 5 lbs-6 lbs whole chicken
  • Provides quick wipe clean
  • The timer provides auto shut off convenience
  • Durable and comes with a 2-years warranty

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) About Innsky Air Fryer

Q. Are there any issues with baskets peeling?

You can use a non-abrasive sponge to clean the basket and this will avoid the basket peeling issues.

Q. Can I cook meat without any oil?

This air fryer provides an oilless meal, so you can cook meats without any oil at all. But before cook vegetables spray a little oil on the basket.

Q. What is the Voltage of this fryer?

This air fryer machine is made of the USA and Canadian electrical standards, and it runs at 120V.

Q. It does not make any noise, is it normal?

Yes, this Innsky is quiet, you can use this without any noise issue.

Q. Where does the exhaust come out?

The exhaust comes out from the back. When cooking you need to keep it 6″ from the wall.

What are users saying about Innsky air fryer XL 5.8qt

The Innsky air fryer customers are pretty satisfied with this since it provides 1700W power. The customers are saying it worth paying every penny for this wonderful appliance. Its very simple to use & provides fast cleaning with hand.

What are users saying about Innsky air fryer XL 5.8qt


7 presets programs are very convenient to use as it helps them to make another household. It has a high capacity that makes sure crispy and nice cooked on all sides. It comes with a decent price, so people who are under a budget are happy with their purchase.

Every time this air fryer provides juicy steak and this required less oil so people can eat healthy meals. And the cooking time super fast, also, users don’t need to toss the food often to get even browning.

For 4 people this fryer is able to make food at a time. Overall, the customers are happy by having this.

Compared Innsky air fryer XL 5.8qt vs COSORI Air Fryer Max XL 5.8-Quart

From the name, these two air fryer seems the same but these two are different from each other and this section will cover this. Compared to Cosori air fryer, Innsky air fryer use less oil yet the food is crispy and delicious. Cosori also provides crispy food but uses more oil.

Compared Innsky air fryer XL 5.8qt vs COSORI Air Fryer Max XL 5.8-Quart


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Innsky has the presets, on the other hand, Cosori does not have the presets. And the presets are very handy so using Innsky is much easier than Cosori. If you choose the Cosori air fryer then you have to set the temperature manually, but the Innsky provides a touchscreen that is pretty simple to use.

These two provide a recipe book, a non-stick basket, and the same power. Also, they have the same price range, though provide the same price, the Innsky is easier to use than Cosori.

Choose this Innsky 5.8qt air fryer if you require an air fryer appliance.

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Key features of Innsky air fryer XL 5.8qt

1700W Power

With the 1700w power, you can make any meal quicker than the traditional frying method. This is a time-saving fryer also, this is quiet while in use. So the fryer provides you a quiet environment to work.

The temperature range is 180℉ to 400 ℉ and while the machine in use you can set the temperature.

LED Touchscreen

The touchscreen makes operating of this machine easier. You can use the fryer with a wet finger and it is safe. There is a digital timer on the screen and you can set the temperature as well.

To make a meal, pull the basket and then add the items, set temperature and time and forget the food. When the food is done the machine will automatically shut off.


A fryer that has presets makes the cooking very simple. The Innsky air fryer comes with 7 presets, that is – steak, fish, shrimp, french fries, cakes, pizza, and poultry. The presets provide versatility using the fryer.

If you want to make steak, you just have to add the item to the fryer and press the steak preset, and walk away. When your steak is done, the machine will shut off automatically.

Dishwasher safe

Cleaning is easy for this fryer as it has dishwasher-safe parts. To clean the fryer, first, rinse the leftover food and oil from the tray and pans. And for an hour soak them in warm soapy water and then gently scrub them with a cleansing brush.

Once the scrubbing is done, rinse with water properly and let dry properly. 


This provides a user manual and before start using, read this thoroughly. You will get a recipe book that contains many delicious recipes, one quality card, and the 1700W air fryer. The fryer is powerful as you can see from the above discussion.

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Final Verdict

The Innsky is a decent air fryer that can do many things for you. This is a time-saving fryer and provides a healthy meal to its users every time. If you are on a tight budget yet seeking a high-end air fryer, you can choose this air fryer with your eyes closed.

This is an amazing blender that comes with presets and can last year after year. Hopefully, this guide helps you with making your purchase decision.

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