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Nest Indoor Camera Review: A Smart Indoor Security Camera

Ensuring safety at home has become a major challenge today. With burglary and criminal intrusions at a rise nowadays, it has become more important than ever to invest in the best indoor camera. Consider Nest Cam Indoor Security Camera, powered by sharp-quality video, improved motion and sound alerts, sleek design, and a gamut of nice features that make it worth buying. On the flip side, it has certain drawbacks, which cannot be overlooked.

Buying the best indoor security camera can be intimidating. The below Nest indoor camera review provides a glimpse of its key features, pros and cons, and how does it compare to other indoor security cameras in the market. This will help you make a wise decision. Let’s check out.

Nest Indoor Camera Review

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Noticeable Features of Nest Indoor Camera

  • 1080p High-Definition video for a clear and sharp viewing experience
  • Easy and quick setup
  • High-quality night vision
  • Ensures 24/7 monitoring with round-the-clock live recording and video streaming
  • Plug-in security to ensure uninterrupted camera functioning
  • Nest mobile app helps you monitor and control security settings of your home remotely from anywhere in the world
  • 30-days cloud storage from the day the video has been recorded
  • Person alerts that send you instant notifications in case of criminal intrusion

Key Features of Nest Cam Indoor Security Camera


A feature worth appreciating about Nest Cam Indoor Security Camera is its sleek and classy design, with a smooth metal stand in cool-gray hue. The big black camera eye clearly sends out the message – “You are being watched.” It has a strong magnetic base that offers stability and has a rotating leg that holds the lens. Overall, the look is appealing and sophisticated.

Video Quality

The best indoor security camera is all about the highest quality video it records. And Nest Cam Indoor Camera won’t disappoint you on this. It offers industry-standard 1080p HD-quality video, 8x zooming capacity, and 130 degrees field view with no grainy or blurred footage. The camera surely stands out for its great video quality.

Night Vision

Another key feature that will catch your attention is the quality of night vision the camera has. It has 8 infrared LED sensors that can capture high-quality video footage even in utter darkness. The camera sensor is capable of distinguishing various types of light. That means, if the intruder gets in with a flashlight, the security camera will not switch to day mode automatically. Rather it will continue recording clear and non-grainy video.

Quick and Hassle-free Setup

What is the one thing you will want in the best indoor camera you buy? Easy and prompt installation, right? Nest Cam Indoor Security Camera ensures peace of mind when it comes to setting it up. It comes with a versatile stand that can be put anywhere and any desired position – standing, mounted on the wall, on a metallic surface, or as a tripod. Simply plug in the device and download the Nest app on your mobile device. The camera is ready to keep an eye on the intruders! 

Built-in Microphone and Speaker

A unique feature of the security camera is its built-in microphone and speaker that lets you hear and speak to anyone it is monitoring. The two-way audio system is a smart way to banish the intentions of the criminal during break-ins. The mic is powerful enough to catch any sound from even 20 feet away.

Person Alerts

Nest Cam Indoor is powered by Artificial Intelligence that instantly detects people when they appear in the camera’s frame and sends you notifications at that moment itself.

What Users Saying About the Nest Cam Indoor Security Camera?

Google Nest Cam Indoor Security Camera gets 4.1 ratings out of 5 on Amazon, with users highlighting both its pros and cons that can help you make an informed decision. What customers like best about the security camera is its precise and instant motion detection feature. Quality of material and stylish look also gets a high rating. Other key capabilities that have gained positive Nest Indoor Camera review are its High-Definition video quality and night vision mode.

What Users Saying About the Nest Cam Indoor Security Camera?

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On the other hand, customers have complained about its lack of local storage option. Nest security camera provides only 30 days of cloud storage from the date of shooting the footage, but there is no option for local storage. This is a major limitation of the camera. High prices have also garnered negative reviews from the users.

Compare Nest Cam Indoor Security Camera vs. MyQ Smart Garage Door Opener with Amazon Cloud Cam Indoor Security Camera 

Nest Cam Indoor and MyQ Smart Garage Door Opener with Amazon Cloud Cam are two high-end home security devices on the market today. We compared both the models to help you determine which is worth buying.       

Both the security cameras provide High-Definition 1080p video quality, have cloud storage option, shoot in night mode, have a built-in speaker and mic, and offers 24/7 live shooting and streaming. However, the latter steals the show by providing past 24 hours’ video clips for scrutiny rather than Nest’s 3 hour’s snapshots.

Compare Nest Cam Indoor Security Camera vs. MyQ Smart Garage Door Opener with Amazon Cloud Cam Indoor Security Camera 

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On the other hand, Nest Cam Indoor scores high in its classy and sleek appearance. Being powered by Google – the tech giant – it offers better integration with smart devices, ensuring improved protection and ease of use. Though Amazon Cam Indoor has an intuitive app than Nest, the latter wins the show with its comparatively low-priced subscription plans.

Nest Cam Indoor Security Camera Limitations

While Nest Cam Indoor Security Camera is loaded with advanced features, one of its major drawbacks is not having any local storage option. It provides only 30-days cloud storage but does not allow storing your videos locally. Moreover, the camera does not come cheap, especially for homeowners looking a good security camera minus overwhelming technology features.

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Final Verdict

Overall, Nest Cam Indoor Security Camera is a good choice to ensure improved safety from criminal intrusions or unscrupulous activities inside your home. It has great video and audio quality, is user-friendly, easy to set up, and provides 24/7 monitoring. If local storage and high price point aren’t too worrisome for you, investing in this high-end indoor security camera can be a sound decision for you. 

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