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Nimto Vibration Plate Exercise Machine Review

Do you want to get the most out of your workout routine? The Nimto vibration plate exercise machine is for you! It allows you to work out on an anti-gravity platform that reduces pressure on your joints while providing a more comfortable and enjoyable experience.

Nimto Vibration Plate Exercise Machine

With this machine, it’s never too late to get in shape with convenience and comfort. The Nimto Vibration Plate is the perfect exercise machine for home fitness. It is a great way to lose weight, relieve muscle pain, and improve your flexibility.

It has come with a very safe design for the user’s body by using thick rubber pads that provide excellent traction with no risk of slipping or sliding. The machine also features an adjustable timer, so you can set it up to vibrate for as long as you want!

Nimto vibration plate exercise machine features a sturdy frame, large surface area, 99 resistance settings, and easy-to-use remote; you’ll be able to get any workout in every day. Whether you are looking for fat loss exercises or muscle toning exercises, this machine is the answer!

Notable Features At A Glance

  • Nimto comes with four non-slip suckers on the bottom to ensure the stability of the machine while using.
  • The Nimto XXL Version has ABS with piano paint for high durability and ample space that suits about two people.
  • With a robust and silent motor, it ensures noise-free vibration and burns away extra fat cells.
  • It has a remote control feature that enables easy control of the speed at clicking a button.
  • Nimto features an LCD digital display with program selection, which can imitate walking, jogging, running, yoga, etc.

Compare Nimto Vibration Plate With LifePro Waver Micro Vibration Plate Exercise Machine

Nimto Vibration Plate Exercise MachineLifePro Waver Micro Vibration Plate Exercise Machine
NIMTO Vibration Plate Exercise Machine
LifePro Waver Micro Vibration Plate Exercise Machine
Nimto Vibration Plate comes with 0 to 99-speed levels to suit almost every body type.LifePro Waver Micro lags with just 30-speed levels, which may restrict users from various movements.
With a maximum weight load capacity of 440 lbs, it can hold one of the heaviest persons without issues.It falls short in the deck with a maximum weight capacity of just 220 lbs.
Nimto features a remote control with eight preset exercising programs for whole-body workouts.LifePro also has a remote control facility, but it has just three preset exercise modes.
It is a pretty bigger and bulky one weighing about 31 pounds, which is inconvenient for shifting.It weighs just about 14.5 pounds, which you can quickly move and place in any place you want.
In overall dimensions, it stands approximately 31.97 x 19.37 x 7.72 inches, which is tolerably comprehensive.In overall dimensions, it stands approximately 16.06 x 12.64 x 9.06 inches, which is pretty compact.

What Users are Saying about Nimto Vibration Plate Exercise Machine

I’m pleased with this machine. It is pretty much exactly what I expected it to be and works like a charm. My workouts feel more effective, and the whole experience is more fun!

What Users are Saying about Nimto Vibration Plate Exercise Machine

Many people think that exercise must be strenuous, sweaty, and painful to get results. That’s not true! Activity should be enjoyable, and I believe that this machine does a great job of making the experience more fun.

It’s straightforward to use, it has some neat features, and I can tell I am getting good workouts despite how comfortable it is! I was suspicious about whether or not this machine would work, but after using it for a while now, I am convinced!

It has helped me lose weight quickly with no discomfort or muscle pain. I am 6’3″ tall, so it’s essential to have a machine that doesn’t tip over. This one is sturdy and is built to last!

My favorite thing about this best vibration machine is how safe it is. When working out on the floor, you are very tense and always have to be careful not to lose your balance.

With this best vibration machine for elderly, I can focus on working out without worrying about falling or injuring myself. The anti-slip design is essential because I exercise in my socks to move around when in use.

What are the Key Features of Nimto Vibration Plate Exercise Machine

Portable Control Panel for Convenience

The control panel incorporates into the frame of the machine. This is great for convenience because you don’t have to find somewhere to put it while working out! It also has a convenient handle integrated into the design, so you can easily pick it up if needed.

High Quality, Durable Frame

This machine is high quality and made with a durable frame that can support users up to 440 lbs. The thick rubber surface pads come out of soft, non-slip material, so they protect your floors from damage while giving you a stable platform for exercise.

Adjustable Vibration Levels

This machine has 99 adjustable vibration levels. This allows you to set the device for different types of exercise that will give you different results. For example, if you want intense muscle toning, it is best to choose high vibration intensity.

At the same time, low vibration intensity may be better suited to exercising on a soft surface to protect your joints.

32″ XXL Version

This machine is the 32″ XXL version. It measures 60 cm x 100 cm (23.62 inches x 39.37 inches) and has a 40 inch long handle integrated into the design to help you move it around or pick it up if necessary.

Detachable Resistance Bands

This machine has detachable resistance bands. This is great because you can use this for strength training exercises and low-impact workouts on a soft surface if needed.

Multi-Functional LED Display

The machine features a multi-functional LED display that shows the time, date, speed of your workout, calorie consumption, and several other workout statistics that you can choose from. You can also select the display to show your pulse reading for convenient heart rate monitoring.

Safe and steady

This machine is excellent for all kinds of exercise. It’s safe and steady, can be moved quickly, and has many features that make it fun to use!

FAQ About Nimto Vibration Plate Exercise Machine

Q: Do you have any beneficial tips for using this machine?

It can take time to get adapted to working out on this machine, so I recommend starting with low vibration intensity at first and gradually building up your strength over time.

Q: Do you need to stand on it with both feet?

You can do exercises while standing on one foot if needed, and it will still provide the same benefits as doing two-foot exercises. Are there any extra cares I should be aware of? If you hold a pacemaker or any medical equipment such as an insulin pump, then you should not use this machine.

Q: Is it easy for an adult to assemble the machine?

Yes, it is effortless to assemble! You can put it collectively in less than three minutes with no tools required.

Q: Do you receive any special offers if I purchase multiple units at the same time?

If you buy two units of our machines simultaneously, you will receive one unit for free. If you buy three branches of our machines simultaneously, you will get two teams free.

Q: How can I contact Nimto directly?

Nimto machine has a professional customer service team that can help you with any questions or problems during your purchase. If you need any support, contact customer service at

Q: How can I avoid overheating during my workout?

You should drink plenty of water as you exercise to stay properly hydrated and prevent overheating, as this can cause dizziness or heatstroke.

Q: Can I adjust the vibration intensity? 

Yes! You can change the vibration intensity by turning the control knob located on the outlet.

Final Verdict

Nimto vibration plate exercise machine is an excellent addition to your home gym. It has a vibration intensity of up to 99 levels, so you can tone muscles, lose weight or improve strength training exercises all on one machine!

It’s easy to assemble, has a safe design that makes it suitable for homes with children and pets, and has many other features that make it beneficial for all kinds of exercising.

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