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Pinty Fitness Vibration Platform Reviews

Pinty fitness vibration platform is an exciting and helpful product. It is essential to know everything before purchasing to decide what will work best for your needs. This article will review the Pinty fitness vibration platform and discuss some of its features and provide an overview of how it works and who it benefits most.

Pinty Fitness Vibration Platform

The Pinty fitness vibration platform can be used by almost anyone, which makes it versatile. People with bad joints or injuries from past activities may not do specific exercises that require them to put their total weight on their feet, but they can still use this machine because there is no pressure on the feet or knees.

The Pinty exercise vibrations also promote circulation, which will help keep muscles and joints healthy. Because of all these benefits, this product is an excellent choice whether you are a beginner trying to get in shape or an athlete who wants to prepare for their next big game.

Key Features

  • High quality, safe and durable, Suitable for all people to use
  • Pinty exercise vibration platform is a perfect combination between health care and beautification equipment.
  • It can provide power deep massage, vibrating training, relaxing massage function.
  • It has the effect of exercise and strengthening, burning fat, elevating energy, promoting metabolism.
  • It can strengthen muscles and bones, reduce blood pressure, promote the development of the human body, improve immunity.

Comparison Between Pinty Fitness vs XtremepowerUS Fitness Vibration Platform

SpecificationsPinty Fitness Vibration PlatformXtremepowerUS Fitness Vibration Platform


Pinty Fitness Vibration Platform
XtremepowerUS Fitness Vibration Platform
Power200 W200 W
Speed Range99 Levels1-99 Levels
Weight265 lb260 LBS
Dimensions30.51 x 17.52 x 8.86 inches; 29.32 Pounds20-3/4″(W) x 12-1/2″(L) x 5-1/4″(H)

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What Are Users Saying About the Pinty Fitness Vibration Platform?

There are many benefits from using this fitness vibration platform. Some people have started using it for five minutes a day, twice a day, and have already seen excellent results in strength and stamina. After using the Pinty fitness machine, you will feel invigorated because all your muscles are properly stimulated.

What Are Users Saying About the Pinty Fitness Vibration Platform?

Plus, anyone can use it anytime, which means you can do it at home for a quick workout before going to work or pick up the Pinty and take it with you when traveling.

After a long flight, there is nothing better than a little vibration therapy! The Pinty fitness machine helps people lose weight, tone their bodies, and increase endurance.

By using this product as part of your workout routine, you will notice a difference in the strength and condition of your muscles very quickly. Within weeks of regularly using this fitness vibration plate, some users find their clothes fitting better, and they feel more energized throughout the day.

What Are The Key Features Of the Pinty fitness vibration platform


The Pinty is portable and comes with a rechargeable battery, so you can use it anywhere, which means you can take it with you when traveling. Because of its small size, this machine does not have any parts that stick out past the vibrating platform to fit easily on any chair or sofa.

What Are The Key Features Of the Pinty fitness vibration platform

Some vibration platforms are large and bulky, so they are not able to be moved around. The Pinty machine is only about the size of an iPad, so it will fit on most chairs or sofas, making it easier for users to use this fitness vibration platform every day.


The Pinty Fitness vibration machine can provide a good workout for any part of the body. You can place it on your chair or sofa to use while watching TV, reading a book, working on your computer, or talking on the phone.

Some people use this exercise equipment after doing some light stretches before starting their day, and they have already noticed a difference in their energy level.

The Pinty vibration platform is also suitable for athletes because it increases blood flow to the muscles, making them healthier and stronger to perform better when it comes time for strength training or cardiovascular exercise.

This fitness machine helps athletes get in top shape before games, so they are ready to play at their best machine for lymphatic drainage.


This fitness vibration platform can provide many benefits because almost anyone can use it at any time. People who are injured or do not have the strength to use specific fitness machines will find that this item fits their needs perfectly.

Plus, athletes who want to try something new before their next game find they are able to improve their performance with this Pinty machine.

Motor Power

The Pinty Fitness vibration machine comes with a rechargeable battery that is powerful enough to provide users with continuous use for up to one hour.

Even longer if you are using it several times during the day. Most people only need the power from this machine for 20 minutes to see a difference in their strength and energy levels.

If a break is needed, it can be used several times throughout the day without losing any of its effectiveness. Plus, this fitness vibration platform only takes one hour to charge, so you do not have to worry about waiting too long to get back into your workout routine.

Warranty And Return Policy

You will receive a 60-day money-back guarantee with this product, so you can send it back any time within that time frame if you are not happy with the results.

The Pinty company also offers excellent warranties on their products because they want users to be completely satisfied. You will receive one year of free warranty on this product, which means you are guaranteed to have full use of the machine for up to a year.

How does Pinty Fitness Vibration Platform work?

The side-to-side movement of the platform helps improve your balance and coordination while toning your muscles and increasing your energy levels.

As you get on the machine, it will feel like a gentle rocking motion that is barely noticeable. It starts slow, but after a few minutes, you can feel yourself starting to move a little faster as if you were riding a bicycle.

The eight frequencies of vibration help break down fat while also building muscle. The faster the platform vibrates, the more fat it breaks down so users can get two beneficial results from one machine.

The Pinty Fitness Vibration Platform features eight different frequencies of vibration to help you get all kinds of benefits in one simple workout. There are high and low frequencies for leg exercises that target thighs, calves, ankles, and lower frequencies for the core.

The higher frequency vibration helps break down fat while the lower ones strengthen muscles and build endurance. The Pinty has a big enough platform that you can place both feet on it and still be comfortable throughout your workout, even if you are six feet tall or taller.

What are the benefits of the Pinty Fitness Vibration Platform?

Using this fitness vibration platform daily will have many positive effects on your body. Some users reported losing weight and inches off their waistline because it helped reduce fat mass while toning muscles at the same time. The Pinty also increased energy levels, which is important for staying active all day long.

The Pinty was even used by people with different health conditions to improve their conditions and strengthen muscles. Some users found this fitness vibration platform helped to improve balance and coordination while loosening stiff joints.

People who have arthritis, plantar fasciitis, or knee problems slightly improved their pain levels and increased flexibility after daily use of the Pinty fitness vibration platform.

The Pinty Fitness Vibration Platform helps: – Burn calories and fat – Improve endurance, flexibility, and balance – Tone muscle and build muscle mass – Improve circulation and reduce pain in joints such as arthritis, plantar fasciitis, or knee problems.

FAQ About Pinty Fitness Vibration Platform

Q: What is the difference between Pinty and other fitness vibration platforms?

There are many benefits to using a vibration plate for seniors, such as fat loss, muscle building, and more. The main difference with the Pinty is that it offers eight different vibration frequencies, while some other brands on the market only offer five or six at most. This means the Pinty is more versatile with its fitness benefits.

Q: What are the dimensions of the Pinty Fitness Vibration Platform?

This fitness vibration platform measures 19 inches long by 35 inches wide, which means it has a large platform that can comfortably accommodate both feet without gaps between them. The thickness measures 11/16 inches, providing enough cushion for your feet to not hurt after standing on it for a long time.

Q: How safe is the Pinty Fitness Vibration Platform?

It is made with sturdy materials that will stay in place while using it to help improve balance, tone muscles and reduce fat mass. The Pinty is also equipped with two high-quality support bars on both sides to keep it still and in place.

Q: Is the Pinty Fitness Vibration Platform easy to set up?

This fitness vibration platform is very easy to assemble, taking only about 15 minutes or less with all the tools included in the shipment. Use the wrench that comes with this package to secure the platform to the base and tighten all bolts.

Q: What parts of the body will Pinty Fitness Vibration Platform help me strengthen?

The Pinty vibration platform can be used for exercising your arms, legs, thighs, calves, and ankles, as well as your core. Even lower frequencies can improve circulation and reduce pain in your knees, wrists, and elbows. This makes it versatile enough to use anywhere in your home during any time of the day.

Q: How does Pinty Fitness Vibration Platform feel?

Many people like using this machine because they can stand on it for hours without getting tired or experiencing discomfort. The vibration speeds are slow enough that the Pinty doesn’t feel like an actual vibration platform.

Final Verdict

After using the Pinty Fitness vibration platform daily for a month to a year, users can expect to lose weight and inches off their waistline and increase energy levels. The Pinty will help tone muscles, build muscle mass, and reduce fat mass simultaneously.

Pinty also helps improve endurance, flexibility, and balance while increasing circulation and reducing pain in joints such as arthritis, plantar fasciitis, and knee problems.

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