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Best Ring Floodlight Cam Home Depot Review

Looking forward to investing in a high-quality, ‘motion-activated’ HD security camera?  Then the Ring Floodlight Cam Home Depot is your best choice. With this top-grade quality camera, you can protect your property from burglary. Its ‘in-built’ ultra-bright floodlights and siren is effective to safeguard your house from theft. There is no need to worry anymore about the safety of your house. The device is user-friendly and requires easy installation. It is available with a lifetime ‘theft protection’ so that even if the camera is stolen it would be replaced by the seller for free.

Now that you have decided to invest in the first-rate quality Ring Floodlight Camera, this product review would help you to know about the pros and cons as well as the key features of this camera and help you to make an informed decision. 

Ring Floodlight Cam Home Depot

  • Effective monitoring of property with live video as well as audio
  • Two-way effective communication with speakers and in-built microphone
  • Safeguard property with remote-controlled siren
  • Good property monitoring with two ultra-bright motion-activated floodlights
  • Personalizing motion zones for focusing on important areas
  • Cannot detect any motion at night
  • The mount of the camera has limited motion range

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Key Features Of Ring Floodlight Cam Home Depot

This home security camera can prove to be highly effective for protecting your property. It has ‘motion-activated’ HD camera along with both-way communication feature, siren, and lights. It is a user-friendly device which can be operated from tablets, PCs, and phones. The ‘ultra-bright’ LED floodlight illuminates property effectively and keeps suspicious activities at bay.

1080 HD Video: The device helps in effective monitoring of property in High Definition video and around the clock with ‘live view’ on-demand video as well as audio.

Motion-Triggered Alerts: This floodlight camera can be operated from anywhere with the help tablet, PC and phone. Whenever anyone encroaches on the property the in-built motion sensors are triggered.

Two-Way Effective Communication: The device allows two-way communication with the help of speakers and in-built microphone. After investing in this camera you can be in constant touch with the security guards. They can constantly give you updates on any suspicious activities going on in and around your property.

Remote-Controlled Siren: One key benefit of using this ring floodlight camera is that it is easy to operate. The siren of this camera can be activated from anywhere such as PC, phone and tablet. Thus, to monitor any activities going in and around your property becomes a breeze with this camera.

‘Ultra-Bright’ LED Floodlights: With the help of 2 ‘motion-activated’ bright ‘floodlights’ you can easily illuminate your property and keep it safe from burglary.

Top-Grade Motion Detection: With its cutting-edge motion detection feature this model of the ring ‘floodlight camera’ personalize the motion zones and helps in emphasizing on the key areas of the yard. 

Connects with Alexa Devices: This ring floodlight camera can connect with particular Alexa devices and helps in launching the ‘on-demand’ video on recognizing your voice.

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What Users Are Saying About Ring Floodlight Cam Home Depot

I bought this camera one year ago and it is optimally functioning still. The top-notch quality bright LED light from the camera effectively illuminates property and scares away burglars and thieves. A couple of days ago a man tried stealing my newly bought pizza oven from my backyard. The footage from this ring floodlight camera proved to be of great help in aiding the police to find and arrest the thief.

What Users Are Saying About Ring Floodlight Cam Home Depot

Not only me but even the other users are satisfied with this device. They agree with me in saying that the camera is easy-to-use and can be easily installed. As long as you know how to wire the light fixture, you can install this camera too. It works phenomenally well during the daytime. With the help of the Ring app, you can easily get the camera online and set the zones. Users receive the ‘motion notifications’ in about 5 to about 10 seconds of detecting motion. This cloud application works remarkably well with the help of the phone.

Others, just like me are happy with the extended warranties and enticing discounts available with this product. We are delighted with the service offered by the professional customer support team of Ring who are available around the clock to fix any technical flaws.

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Ring Spotlight Cam Mount vs. Ring Floodlight Camera Motion

Ring Spotlight Cam Mount vs. Ring Floodlight Camera Motion

The Ring Spotlight Camera Mount does not have the same capability of the Ring Floodlight Camera Motion. The Spotlight camera offers less coverage and light output. The Ring Spotlight Camera Mount delivers 375 lumens whereas the Ring Floodlight Camera Motion delivers 1800 lumens. Moreover, the Ring Spotlight Camera Mount does not show the ability of automatic ‘dusk to dawn’ lighting and its lights must not be lift switched on for more than half an hour. It has decreased resolution and capability of ‘night vision’ as well.

What is the Disadvantage of Ring Floodlight Cam Home Depot

The main drawback of Ring Floodlight Cam Home Depot is that it is unable to detect any motion during the night time. During the night a person can walk through a well-defined motion zone but the camera would be unable to record anything unless the object is within 10 ft. from it. This proves to be a big drawback of the camera and Ring is working on it to have it fixed.

How Reasonable Is the Price of Ring Floodlight Cam Home Depot Specs?

How Reasonable Is the Price of Ring Floodlight Cam Home Depot Specs?

The listed price of the product is $249 and with the deal, it is $219. It offers a plethora of cutting-edge features such as it works well with the Alexa for launching the ‘real-time’ video with voice. It is easy to install and operate and sends alerts promptly on detecting motion. It effectively helps in monitoring home in high-resolution 1080HD video with the help of ‘live view’ and ‘infrared’ night vision. Its ultra-bright LED light helps in scaring off burglars and its siren can be triggered off from anywhere. Taking into consideration all these enticing features its asking price is justified.

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Final Verdict

The Ring Floodlight Cam Home Depot is the ‘High-Definition’ Motion-Activated Security Camera that is easy to use, entails easy installation and is easy to transport. The ‘ultra bright’ LED floodlight illuminates property and keeps burglars at bay. It facilitates two-way effective communication with the help of speakers and in-built microphones. Enjoy monitoring your home with the 1080 HD video along with ‘Live View’ and ‘infrared’ night vision. After going through this review, it would help you to make an informed decision and you would be happy after purchasing the product.

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