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Ultrean 12.5 Quart Air Fryer Oven Review

The new Ultrean Air Fryer 12.5 Quart air fryer oven Heat Wave Generator Oven, is the perfect addition to any kitchen! Our quick-heating brainchild offers all the baking you could want in a single machine.

We’ve combined functions of an air fryer oven with many more cooking abilities like rotisserie, dehydrator, reheat, and convection cooking into one easy-to-use appliance designed with your health in mind – no oils needed! And did we mention that it’s got touch screens?

Ultrean 12.5 Quart Air Fryer Oven

These tiny devices are great because they let you use presets, which give recommendations for various foods and act as timers, stopwatches, and even cookbook helpers.

And if you don’t want to use the presets, you can do all sorts of fun things like making a custom crust for your pizza, add cheese and herbs to bread batter when making fresh bread from scratch, or even cook something without the preset and rely on temperature and time settings.

Notable features at a glance

  • Ultrean air fryer can replace multiple appliances into one; it can work like a convection oven, air fryer, rotisserie, and dehydrator.
  • With its overheating protection and auto shut-off feature, you can use it without any hazardous concerns.
  • Ultrean AF12 features a stainless steel exterior built that gives it a sturdy look and enables easy cleaning.
  • Without compromising the taste, you can cook healthier sugar-free & oil-free meals with its air frying and dehydrating function.
  • It furnishes an LCD screen control panel with all the required preset functions & controls for convenient usage.

Compare Ultrean air fryer 12.5-Quart Air Fryer Oven With GoWISE USA 7-Quart Air Fryer

Ultrean Air Fryer 12.5 Quart Air FryerGoWISE USA 7-Quart Air Fryer
Ultrean 12.5 Quart Air Fryer Oven Combo
GoWISE USA 7-Quart Air Fryer
Ultrean AF12 air fryer comes with Eight preset cooking options, including air fry, ribs, shrimp, dehydrate, cake, chicken, fish, etc.GoWISE USA also has a collection of Eight cooking functions, including Air fry, Broil, Bake, Keep Warm, dehydrate, roast & grill.
It has a comprehensive temperature range of 150°F to 400°F that can cook a variety of dishes effortlessly.With a slightly restrictive temperature range from 180°F to 400°F, you may not be able to cook a few dishes.
With a 1-60 mins decently broad set timer option, you can cook your favorite dish up to the perfect level.The GW22972 air fryer also features a 60 minutes timer option that works great for customizable meal preparation.
Ultrean air fryer has a whopping 12.5 Quart pot capacity to serve meals great for a family feast.GoWISE USA has a pretty smaller 7-Quart cooking basket than the Ultrean 12.5-quart air fryer.
In the power section, Ultrean AF12 features a 1700 Watts engine that can quickly cook any food.For efficient cooking and instant delivery right to your dining table, GW22972 also features 1700W cooking power.

What Users Are Saying About Ultrean air fryer 12.5-Quart Air Fryer Ovens

Ultrean Air Fryer 12.5 quart air fryer ovens have had many great reviews, and we’ve seen the words “amazing” and “wonderful” used by many people who enjoy cooking with this device.

What Users Are Saying About Ultrean air fryer 12.5-Quart Air Fryer Ovens

Some reviewers mention that it’s effortless to use, has helped them save money by reducing their need to purchase pre-packaged food items, and is a welcome addition to their kitchen with all the different functions.

One reviewer said, “I love this product. I have been wanting to go easier on my diet and start cooking for myself more. I don’t have to fry everything because of the mess that makes in the kitchen. This is a lifesaver! It’s wonderful!”

What Are the Key Features of Ultrean Air Fryer 12.5-Quart Ovens

Comfortable Dehydrator Function

Dehydrating is one of the oldest food preservation techniques, and it has enjoyed a resurgence in recent years as people try to eat healthier, more natural foods.

We include dehydrating recipes you can use with your Ultrean 12.5 Quart air fryer oven so that you can preserve fresh produce for later consumption or experiment with maintaining different meat products.

Fry with 80% Less Fat

Ultrean 12.5-quart air fryer ovens can fry so much healthier by using hot air instead of oil. Thus, users can get great-tasting food without all the grease, and they often use less oil than in regular frying – up to 80% less fat.

Multifunctional Cooking Device

Ultrean Air Fryer 12.5 quart air fryer ovens are multifunctional, meaning that they’re able to do more than just air fry foods. The dehydrate function allows you to dry out fruit and vegetables while retaining their color and flavor, for example. You can also make delicious bread by using the convection baking function.

One-Touch LED Control Panel

Ultrean 12.5 Quart air fryer oven has a sleek one-touch LED control panel that makes it easy to program the presets and monitor cooking progress. You can also apply it to quickly create custom recipes for bread, pizza dough, or even bagels if you’ve got a favorite recipe you want to try out in your kitchen.

12.5Qt Serve Great Meals

The 12.5Qt serve capacity is perfect for family dinners and gatherings – it makes about enough food for four people and often includes a combination of main dishes and side dishes, so you’ve got all your beds covered in one go.

Dishwasher Safe & Easy to Clean

The dishwasher-safe racks, drip tray, and non-stick coating make cleaning up after meals so much easier. You can put all of the detachable elements of your Ultrean 12.5 Quart oven air fryer in the dishwasher to wash them quickly, so you have more time for relaxation or other interests.

Advanced Touch Screen Controls

Cooking with the touch screen controls is convenient and straightforward – pick a preset or cook time/temperature you want to use, then let the device do its thing. There are over 100 presets for various types of cooking, so you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for quickly and easily.

FAQ About Ultrean Air Fryer 12.5-Quart Air Fryer Ovens

Q: Does this fryer get hot?

The exterior of the air fryer does get warm after it’s been on, but the heating element stays cool. You don’t have to remain concerned about accidentally coming into contact with it or burning yourself while using it.

Q: Can I use cooking spray with the Ultrean air fryer 12.5-quart oven?

Cooking spray is generally recommended for non-stick cooking trays to help things like fried chicken or French fries release quickly. However, you can also use cooking spray on some of the other trays if you want to speed up their cleanup time – be sure to use cooking spray without oil.

Q: Why does the oven make a clicking sound while it’s working?

Air fryers work by blowing hot air around the food you’ve placed inside of them, which causes noise during operation. It’s perfectly normal for an air fryer to click when it’s in use.

Q: Can I make cakes in the oven?

Yes, you can make cakes in electric air fryers like the Ultrean 12.5-quart oven. Air frying is an excellent way to prepare certain types of desserts because it allows you to quickly and precisely control cooking time and temperature without monitoring things as much as you would if you were using an oven.

Q: Does the air fryer have to be preheated?

No, unlike with an oven, you don’t have to preheat your air fryer before using it – place food inside and hit start!

Final Verdict

The Ultrean Air Fryer 12.5 quart air fryer oven provides an easy way to enjoy healthier versions of your preferable fried foods without all the grease, oil, and guilt typically involved in the frying process. The multifunctional cooking capabilities allow you to prepare a range of different dishes with it as well, so you’ve got one appliance that does it all.

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