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Top Tips Where Is The Best Place To Put Security Cameras?

A good security camera no doubt is the first step to enhancing the security of your home or business. Where you choose to set up the system, however, has the greatest impact and defines the level of effectiveness you can get. And if done wrong, you not only compromise the expectations but also render your investment worthless.

Needless to say, installing a CCTV system is not as obvious as it seems. Just like those cameras, every property has a unique setting that you must take into account if you want perfect results. The objective is to make sure your family and value assets are safe. So, you have to ensure your equipment cover every vantage point, plus each potential entry and exit.

With that, we’re going to share some tips on where is the best place to put security cameras for maximum convenience. The article will highlight both the locations and positions as many tend to forget the latter, yet it’s very crucial in the placement process.

Best Locations To Consider When Installing Security Cameras

Best Place To Put Security Cameras

Front Door

Most burglars break into a property by using the front door. Therefore, the place should be your priority even before you think of other areas. With a security camera at the front door, you even have the advantage of seeing the visitors knocking at your door. Hence, a great means to help keep away from nosy parkers.

Back Door

This is another important area you should prioritize when installing a surveillance camera on your property. It’s another point of entry that intruders take advantage of, especially because it’s away from the street view. Most backyards also have home structures like playgrounds and pergola. So, having a CCTV in the area can be very helpful in keeping an eye on your kids and the outdoor furniture.

Lower Floor Windows

If the doors become harder to get through, motivated burglars will look for a weak window and break into. After you’re done on the doors, therefore, you should also have other cameras pointing the ground and first-floor windows. That way, you will be able to capture the identity of the burglars even before they break the window glasses.

Garage Door

When a burglar is interested in your luxury bike or car, it’s not impossible to jump over the fence and sneak to the parking spot. Therefore, you will also need a security camera at the garage door to ensure your leisure toys are safe. And when the garage is impenetrable, it becomes harder for the burglars to use the interior door that leads to the main house.


If not the fence, then, potential burglars will possibly walk down the driveway before reaching to front door or garage. But if you have a security camera pointed in the space, you can have time to act in advance and stop the crime before happening. In case you are using a PTZ outdoor security camera, it’ll even be better as you will have a broader cover of your compound. Thus, will be easier to detect suspicious activity while at a cost-effective level.


Although not very crucial, having a security camera on the hallway and stairways is a bonus. Some burglars are in-house, including your house help and handyman. But if you have a camera on the stairs, it will watch for any suspicious activity and report to you.

Other Places

Even after securing the main entry points and driveways, there are some other places you might need CCTV to better protect your family. These places include:

  • Living room– to watch over your pets, kids, and your nanny.
  • Swimming pool area– help ensure young children don’t crawl into the pond.
  • Basement– to monitor suspicious activities and prevent entry to the main house.
  • Nursery– enables you to watch your kids sleep or playing

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Best Place To Put Security Cameras

After choosing the right security camera and the location to place it, the next step is choosing the mounting position. The position of the camera is really crucial if you’re to succeed in your endeavors and protect against tampering by thieves.

Here are the four favorable positions you have to consider when installing:

Out of reach:

Your security camera should be at a height low enough to capture images with vivid details, but high enough where thieves can’t reach it. A good position is at 8-10 feet from the ground or the second-floor level if you have a story house.

Away from direct sunlight:

When a bright light falls on the camera lens, it causes glare and or high contrast in the footage. This makes it impossible to see what’s happening, defeating the intended purpose. Therefore, you have to consider how the sun moves and angle your cameras for indirect light. The same applies to the interior and exterior lighting around your property.

Hanging on trees:

This is a real great idea for stealthy surveillance on the yard, driveway, and farm. It’s most effective with a battery-powered wireless outdoor security camera that has zero cables. Thus, allowing you to record the trespassing neighbors and burglars without them knowing.

Under semi-protected areas:

The first rule for outdoor monitoring is to have a security camera that has a solid construction and ample waterproofing. This will ensure your third eye is still operating during the harshest downpour and the coldest season. Then for the better, you should mount your CCTV system under the eaves or any other semi-protected area.

Remember to follow Security Camera Placement Laws

Above are the various pointers that can make it possible for you to get the best out of your security camera system. The guidelines can help ensure you don’t make the common mistakes most DIYers do. Hence, enhancing the performance and worthiness of your device.

If your property is adjacent to a high traffic area, a vandal-proof security camera might be a better selection for you. Not only will it survive physical abuse, but also you will be able to capture the perpetrators when in the act.

Meanwhile, don’t forget the importance of security camera placement laws during the installation. Avoid pointing your device towards your neighbor’s property as not everyone is willing to share their private life to outsiders. And if your camera happens to have a super-wide-angle field of view, ensure you don’t misuse the captured videos.

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